Sleek Non-Electric Cat Fountain Designed to Keep Your Kitty Hydrated and Healthy

Cats Drinking from KittySpring Non-Electric Cat Fountain

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All cat lovers want what's best for their feline friend, and this includes ensuring they have plenty of clean water to drink throughout the day. While this sounds simple, it's easy for water to become stagnant or for your kitty to either drink all the water or tip their bowl while you're out for the day. Luckily, KittySpring has come along to make hydrating your favorite feline an easy experience that will be less stressful for both of you.

This non-electric, whisker friendly cat fountain holds enough water to last for two days and is designed to stay upright no matter how many paw attacks it faces. Using just the force of gravity, KittySpring will make sure that there's just the right amount of water in the bowl. And a special built-in stainless steel filter means that the water will always remain fresh and clean.

Why is the right water bowl so important for your cat? Cats inherently have a low thirst drive, which makes them prone to dehydration and, as a result, kidney issues. Therefore, it's vital to optimize their drinking station to make it pleasurable. Regular bowls can be tipped over easily and can lead to issues with whisker stress. KittySpring's shallow bowl is specifically designed to leave a cat's whiskers in peace and its lightweight, stable design is difficult to overturn.

KittySpring Cat Fountain

Another plus is that KittySpring doesn't require electricity. Not only will this save on your electric bill, but it gives you more options for where to place the fountain in order to optimize your cat's hydration. And, best of all, no electricity means that KittySpring is completely silent and won't startle or scare your cat.

In fact, KittySpring is thoughtfully designed because the minds behind it are actually cat owners. Rayman Wu of Desimore Inc embarked on the project after his beloved cat Oscar was diagnosed with dehydration. After a long road to recovery, Oscar taught Wu what worked—and what didn't—when it came to cat hydration. Once he was all better, the Desimore Inc team decided to put their heads together and come up with the perfect cat fountain.

“In designing KittySpring, we considered each detail of feline physiology to turn our fur friends’ drinking experience into the most enjoyable and comfortable one,” Wu reveals. “We also tried to balance cats’ preferences for running and still water, creating an amazing gravity fountain perfect for any cat. With KittySpring, we hope to improve the life of our fluffies, keep them healthy, and help loving cat parents like you take better care of them.”

After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, KittySpring is now available on Indiegogo starting at $38. Shipping is estimated to begin in January 2021.

KittySpring is a contemporary cat fountain designed to keep cats healthy and hydrated.

KittySpring Cat Fountain

Being that it's non-electric, KittySpring is so quiet that your cat can take a nap next to it.

Non Electric Cat Fountain

The water dish is also built to stay upright no matter how hard your kitty tries to knock it over.

KittySpring Cat Fountain

And the shallow bowl means that your cat can drink without irritating their whiskers.

Cat Drinking from Contemporary Water Bowl

KittySpring: Website | Indiegogo | Instagram | Facebook

All images via KittySpring.

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