Anyone Can Create a Holograph With This Ingenious New Technology

Looking Glass

Despite how futuristic the year 2020 may sound, we are still several steps behind where countless sci-fi movies of the '80s and '90s predicted we’d be by now—jetting around on hoverboards and in flying cars, traveling through time (and the far reaches of space), and delivering urgent messages as a hologram somewhere across the galaxy. We’re not quite there yet, but we are one step closer, thanks to the Looking Glass Portrait—a personal holographic display that makes it easy to capture and create your own holograms.

This product was recently launched on Kickstarter by Looking Glass Factory Inc—a self-described “group of inventors, engineers, and artists chasing the cinema dream of the hologram.” The company has been developing its hologram technology since 2018, when they launched the world’s first desktop holographic display development kit. Since then, they’ve continued working hard to advance their vision of a hologram-powered future.

This time, they’ve designed a product with everyday creators in mind: developers, artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and any other creators who are exploring 3D capture and creation. You don’t need to be a programmer to know how to use it; in fact, you can use a phone or camera you already own to capture holographic images and bring them to life with the Looking Glass Portrait.

The holographic display is powered by light field technology and can function in tethered mode with a PC or Mac, but it is the first system that also has standalone functionality thanks to a built-in computer. It also includes a variety of other features that make it incredibly useful for everyone from amateurs to even the most advanced three-dimensional media creator. It is compatible with the Microsoft Azure Kinect and Intel RealSense depth cameras and can also import from video production tools like DepthKit and Depthkit Cinema, which makes it an amazing tool for depth video production. It's also a great resource for 3D designers and developers who want to bring three-dimensional characters to life or create interactive holographic apps.

What about those of us who've always dreamed of preserving our own image as a holograph to relay a message for posterity? Well, now you can do that, too. The possibilities are endless with this new technology, especially as it advances and becomes more accessible.

Be sure to check out their website and Kickstarter campaign, which has already exponentially exceeded its goal of $50,000—it's already raised over $1.7 million with 38 days left in the campaign—for more information about the Looking Glass Portrait, and scroll down to see more of what this thing can do.

Tech company Looking Glass Factory Inc is making every sci-fi enthusiast's dream come true with their new personal holographic display, aptly called Looking Glass Portrait.

Looking Glass Portrait Holographic Display

They've designed this holographic display so that anyone who is exploring 3D capture and creation can easily use it—from your average phone photographer to the most advanced developer.

Looking Glass Portrait Testing and DevelopmentLooking Glass Portrait Holographic Iphone Image

One of the most remarkable aspects of this technology is the user's ability to create holographic pictures and videos.

Looking Glass PortraitLooking Glass PortraitLooking Glass PortraitLooking Glass Portrait

The possibilities are endless with this new technology!

Looking Glass Portrait Holographic Message

Watch this video to learn more about the Looking Glass Portrait's amazing features.

Looking Glass Factory Inc: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Kickstarter
h/t: [Uncrate]

All images via Looking Glass Factory Inc.

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