Mom Asks People on TikTok To Play Her 10-Year-Old’s Sheet Music

Mom Asks TikTok Musicians to Play Daughter's Sheet Music

Kids can be so creative and sometimes they surprise even their parents. One day, a mom in Pennsylvania named Mimi Wallace discovered her daughter Olive's handwritten composition. She was naturally curious about what it would sound like. So, she shared the sheet music with TikTok, and a parade of musicians have responded.

“So my 10-year-old daughter wrote this. Could somebody play this?” Wallace said in her now-viral video which has accumulated over 6 million views. “I need to know—I need to know if it's any good or if it makes any sense.” This call for musicians of all kinds to try playing it with their instruments of choice promptly sparked a series of stitches in which people from different musical backgrounds shared their interpretations of the composition.

People’s renditions included a violin, a piano, a guitar, and even a harp. One music teacher posted a split-screen performance in which she played the song on the violin and the piano. “I come from a family of music teachers and I can read music but I don't have perfect pitch,” Wallace added. “I wanted to know what Olive's music sounded like, so I asked TikTok.” Olive, who currently studies the violin and dreams of becoming a professional, also seems to be enjoying her music being brought to life. Each time it’s played, it sounds completely new and unique.

Though they’ve received a bevy of responses, Wallace and her daughter are still curious to hear what the piece would sound like on a bagpipe. Hopefully more people will come forward to share their talents.

Pennsylvania mom Mimi Wallace made a viral video asking people on TikTok to play sheet music that her 10-year-old daughter, Olive, wrote.

@meems1980 Calling musicians! #music #musiciansoftiktok #stitch #helpme ♬ original sound – Meems

Immediately, musicians on TikTok posted responses with their interpretation of the piece.

@orchestraacademy #stitch for @meems1980 — I took this a little different direction than some of the other stitches I saw. Hope she likes it! Tell her to keep up the good work! 🎻 #musicteacher #musicteachersoftiktok #musicteachertiktok ♬ original sound – Lisa

People used a range of instruments, from a piano to a guitar, and even a harp.

@mujari2 #stitch with @meems1980 ♬ original sound – mujari2

@juliethefoodie #stitch with @meems1980 always happy to help budding composers #harp #harptok #music #composingmusic #composing ♬ original sound – JulietheFoodie

Each rendition put a unique spin on the short piece.

@jennieallyn #stitch with @meems1980 ♬ original sound – Jennie A

@colleenlikethethornbirds #stitch with @meems1980 A few notes: There are 6 ledger lines, so I am going off of the 5 that are usually used in music. I’m sure there could be several interpretations of this! Second of all I’d love to speak with your daughter to ask her if the little markings are sharps for a key signature and get clarity on some of the quarter/half notes. This is wonderful and I think she should keep writing! I love her use of dynamics 🙂 #violinist #youngcomposer #prodigycomposer ♬ original sound – Colleen

Mimi Wallace: TikTok
h/t: [Today]

All images via TikTok.

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