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‘Norigami’ Sushi Tacos Blend the Best of Both Worlds into One Tasty Treat

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Recently, connoisseurs  of Japanese cuisine have been experiencing tasty sushi hybrids. From exquisitely garnished burgers to maki-inspired burritos, avant-garde restaurants and trendy food trucks across the globe have been experimenting with new and unique ways to prepare and eat the traditional rolls. Now, fun-loving foodies have another chopsticks-free combination to try: sushi tacos.

Created by Norigami, a pop-up shop based in Southern California, the sushi taco pairs the yummy ingredients of Japanese food with the portable and convenient nature of tacos. Each quirky creation consists of a seaweed and tempura shell filled with rice, veggies, and fish topped with sauce, sprouts, and other condiments. This winning concept hasn’t changed much since its conception, which the company comically recollects on its website as a “slightly drunken” discovery fueled by the boredom of Norigami’s future chef.  “As somewhat of a joke, a sheet of nori [seaweed] was dipped into tempura batter and dropped into the fryer. We added some leftover sushi rice, krab mix, and whatever sushi scraps we got our hands on and TA-DAH! The sushi nori taco was born.”

Though Norigami exists only as a pop-up for now, the company hopes to open a restaurant dedicated entirely to the scrumptious sushi taco combinations. You can make this delectable dream a reality by donating to its GoFundMe page. In the meantime, be sure to keep track of Norigami’s wandering whereabouts through its Facebook page.

Tasty and totally Instagrammable, the sushi taco has taken Southern California by storm!

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Norigami Tacos: Website | Facebook | Instagram
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