Boss Accidentally Turns On Potato Filter in Video Conference and Can’t Turn It Off

While many of us are adjusting to working from home with ease, others are struggling to get to grips with office life online. From kids interrupting important meetings to being caught on camera in inappropriate attire, you’ve probably seen several video call faux pas circling the Internet already. However, Lizet Ocampo, political director at People for the American Way, made a particularly funny error during her Monday morning video call—she showed up as a potato.

Yes, you read that correctly. Ocampo—who works to encourage Latinx voters to vote and help progressive candidates win elections—has regular virtual happy hours with community leaders. For the last call, she downloaded a few silly filters to add to the fun, including one that hilariously turns faces into potatoes. However, by Monday morning she totally forgot and started her professional meeting with her colleagues looking not so professional.

“So Monday morning, we had our meeting and I usually try to do a camera, and when we started the meeting, I saw myself as a potato,” Ocampo recalls. “I was so confused as to why I was a potato. Of all the things I could be, why a potato?” After remembering that it one of the filters she was using, she tried to turn it off but couldn’t—much to the delight of the others on the call. She says, “I just kind of gave up and stayed as a potato for the rest of the call.”

Unbeknownst to Ocampo, her colleague Rachele Clegg tweeted a screenshot of the hilarious situation, and it has since been retweeted over 200,000 times! Feeling bad, Clegg texted Ocampo, “Are you awake right now? I have something hilarious to tell you and I hope you think it’s as funny as I do because I’m also scared. I tweeted about you as a potato today and it’s VIRAL.”

Luckily though, Ocampo saw the funny side and joined in the fun with a few potato puns. “I yam potato boss,” she tweeted. “I yam glad this is making folks laugh at this time. Please stay planted at home and safe!”

Lizet Ocampo hilariously showed up to her Monday morning video call wearing a potato face filter.

Luckily, she found it funny too.

h/t: [Buzzfeed News]

All images via Rachele Clegg / Lizet Ocampo.

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