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Mr. Bean Hilariously Inserted into Historical Paintings

Illustrator and caricature artist Rodney Pike shows off his superb photo manipulation skills with these hilarious insertions of the beloved character Mr. Bean into historical portraits. It’s an amusing surprise to discover the British man’s expressive face peering out from underneath a feathered cap, a head of long golden hair, or the recognizable coif of George Washington’s.

Pike expertly matches colors, lighting, and texture in order to seamlessly incorporate the face of Rowan Atkinson’s character into the traditional portraits, making sure that the Photoshopped portions share the same painterly quality as the original works of art. In addition to his effort to make each image as convincing as possible, Pike also adds extra details to make each digital manipulation even more delightful, such as the sneaky appearances of a pair of panties and Mr. Bean’s trademark teddy bear.

Rodney Pike’s website
Rodney Pike on deviantART
via [Distractify], [Abduzeedo]

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