Designers Create Spiky “Pet Body Armor” to Protect Tiny Dogs From Birds of Prey

Despite their tiny size, some small dogs act really tough. However, they still need a little help now and then to protect themselves. Unfortunately, many small dogs are often targeted by coyotes, aggressive dogs, and even birds of prey. However, one family-owned business in San Diego is doing what they can to save little lives. Paul Mott, Pamela Mott, and Nicole Mellom (of CoyoteVest) design “pet body armor”—a line of harnesses and vests that feature tall bristles and spikes. Not only do these pet accessories help intimidate predators, but they make our fluffy friends look pretty badass.

The idea for CoyoteVest came after the family’s own dog called Buffy was tragically killed by a coyote. In a bid to help prevent the same thing from happening to others, they developed a life-saving accessory called CoyoteWhiskers. The brightly colored, lightweight nylon bristles attach to the top of the brand's vests and harnesses with velcro, acting as a hedgehog spike-like shield.

The CoyoteWhiskers might look sharp, but they won’t actually harm predators. “While the CoyoteWhiskers won't actually hurt anyone or impair mobility, they're stiff enough to irritate the eyes and mouth of an attacker,” says CoyoteVest. “Imagine trying to eat your dinner, with your hands tied behind your back, and these bristles were sticking out of the plate—it would be hard to do!”

The CoyoteWhiskers, vests, harnesses, and spiked collars are available in different color combinations. CoyoteVest also sells “Hawkeyes,” a printed visual that makes your pets look like they have eyes on their backs. “The idea is that a raptor will be able to see these large eyes from a great distance and will be dissuaded from even considering an attack.”

Check out photos of pets in their protective CoyoteVest gear below. No one is going to want to mess with these little punks!

Find out more and buy CoyoteVest accessories for your own pet here.

Family-run business CoyoteVest design pet harnesses and vests with protective spikes and bristles.

The lightweight nylon bristles—called CoyoteWhiskers—are designed to deter coyotes and birds of prey from attacking small dogs.

No one is going to want to mess with these little punks!

They might not like to admit it, but cats need protection too!

CoyoteVest: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube
h/t: [Neatorama]

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