Bladesmith Uses Ancient Meteorites to Create Artistic Knives

Knife Made from Meteorite by Tristan Dare

Bladesmith Tristan Dare is known for his creative knife designs made of unusual materials. And not only are the materials unconventional, but they're also ancient. Dare, who is based in Idaho, often uses meteorites to create his blades, giving new meaning to something that is billions of years old. In his latest design, he has combined a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite and Damascus steel into a blade that he calls Fire in the Sky.

Dare has a deep love for history, which is what initially caused him to seek out meteorites to incorporate into his blades. He spends quite a bit of time looking for meteorites and purchases them so that he can transform them into some new. In the case of Fire in the Sky, the meteorite was imported from Germany.

“History and artifacts, as well as turning what may not be appreciated in its natural form, have always been something that has fascinated me,” Dare tells My Modern Met. “I wanted to create something that can be appreciated in more ways for generations to come. This is where I came into looking for meteorites that were damaged or no longer museum quality, and started using them to forge blades that can not only be passed down for generations but also preserve the artifacts in a way that gives them justice.”

Knife Made from Damascus Steel and Meteorites by Tristan Dare

The highlight of Fire in the Sky is the stunning patterns that decorate the blade. Surfacing this pattern is a meaningful moment for Dare. “My favorite part of the bladesmithing process,” he shares, “is when the blade is finally almost done, it's been forged, polished, and the only thing left to do is reveal the Damascus pattern.

“This is where I dip it into an acid that oxidizes the steel and reveals the pattern within the meteorite and hundreds of layers of Damascus steel. It is the most exciting and dopamine-inducing feeling to see the result of everything you've worked on come to this outcome. There's nothing like it.”

Dare, who is self-taught, is continually looking to push himself and improve his skills. If you'd like a piece of his work, Dare sells his blade on his website and also takes commissions.

Bladesmith Tristan Dare has created a knife from an ancient meteorite.

Knife Made from Meteorite by Tristan Dare

Blended with Damascus steel, the meteorite creates a stunning pattern on the blade.

Revealing Damascus Pattern on a Knife

Knife Made from Damascus Steel and Meteorites by Tristan Dare

The young self-taught bladesmith is continually pushing his creativity.

Blades by Tristan Dare

Blades by Tristan Dare

His blades are available for sale via his website.

Blades by Tristan Dare

Blades by Tristan Dare

Tristan Dare: Website | InstagramYouTube

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Tristan Dare.

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