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Margherita Cole is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and illustrator based in Southern California. She holds a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Art from Wofford College, and an MA in Illustration: Authorial Practice from Falmouth University in the UK. When she’s not writing, Margherita continues to develop her creative practice in sequential art.
March 21, 2021

Artist Inks Exquisite Imaginary Landscapes Framed in Bold Geometric Shapes

French artist Valentin creates miniature worlds inside of crisply drawn geometric shapes. He uses a fine-nib pen, compass, and ruler to sketch diamonds, triangles, and circles which he then fills with imaginary destinations made up of delicate details. From sunrises over mountain ranges to calm seas illuminated by starry skies, his work captures the essence of a place in time.

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March 18, 2021

Immersive Installation Suspends a Field of Grass From the Ceiling to Contemplate the Nature of Goodbyes

At the end of a party, there's often the question of how to best leave without making a fuss. Departing without saying goodbye is known as making a “French exit”—something Lithuania-based artist Tadao Cern relates to as a self-proclaimed introvert. “I cannot bear the attention that you get once you say that you have to go,” he tells My Modern Met.

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March 17, 2021

Japanese Artist Uses Real Flower Petals To Complete Ethereal Fashion Illustrations

Stepping into the creative world of artist Hanaco Hanasakura is like stepping into an everlasting spring. The Japanese wedding dress designer creates exquisite mixed-media fashion illustrations using an array of colorful flower petals and leaves. From ballgowns made of scarlet roses to blossoming mini skirts, each figure is dressed for the runway. The simple composition of Hanasakura's illustrations allows the viewer to fully appreciate the beauty of each flower petal.

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March 12, 2021

Artist Builds ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Light Boxes Using Layers of Cut Paper

Recreating a scene from a show or film with paper may seem like an impossible task, but artist Ben Charman proves it can be done to great effect. The London-based crafter discovered paper art in 2019 and has been building enchanting light boxes ever since. He finds inspiration for his creations in popular culture—taking inspiration from the likes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Star Wars, Pokémon, and Stranger Things.

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