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Margherita Cole is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met and illustrator based in Southern California. She holds a BA in Art History with a minor in Studio Art from Wofford College, and an MA in Illustration: Authorial Practice from Falmouth University in the UK. When she’s not writing, Margherita continues to develop her creative practice in sequential art.
January 13, 2022

Learn How to Draw a Frog Step by Step

From bright green to a striking orange, frogs come in many shapes and sizes. While nowadays, we typically associate these amphibians with their flamboyant leaps and loud croaks, there's a lot more to know about them. In fact, the oldest frog can be traced back to the time of the dinosaurs, making them an ancient species of animal. Want to learn how to draw this amazing creature?

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January 12, 2022

Artist Interlaces Colorful Woolen Yarn to Create Mesmerizing Objects

Self-taught fiber artist João Bruno Videira explores the innumerable creative possibilities of woolen yarn in his creative practice. He creates a variety of objects, big and small, by interlocking colorful threads in harmonious geometric patterns. “I grew up surrounded by wool. My mother used to be a teacher but she was very passionate about making Arraiolos rugs, a traditional kind of carpet we have in Portugal.

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January 10, 2022

8 Facts About the Classical Music Composer Mozart

Few composers are as well renowned as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–1791) . Alongside Beethoven, he is one of the most influential musicians of the Classical period, which dominated Europe between 1730 and 1820. His prodigious talent—which began in early adolescence—quickly flourished with the aid of his musical family, and he embarked on a prolific creative career, creating over 600 works within his brief 35 years.

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January 6, 2022

New BMW iX M60 Car Can Change Its Exterior Color by Pushing a Button

Why settle for one car color when you can have two? German car band BMW has designed an innovative version of their electric iX car which gives users the option of two different exterior shades. The magical iX Flow debuted at CES 2022 (the annual Consumer Electronics Show) where it stunned audiences by changing from white to black in a matter of a couple of seconds.

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