Woman Turns Her Chilled Out Cat Into a Zen Garden

Cats are pretty chill, but there’s one feline in Sydney, Australia who’s so relaxed, that she’s become a zen garden. Professor, writer, and poet Sarah Holland-Batt used a tiny rake and some stones to transform her cat, Lola, into what looks like a Japanese landscape.

Lola’s sand-colored fur makes the perfect surface for creating swirling rake patterns, and the chilled out cat seemed more than happy to sit still while being mindfully combed. Holland-Batt posted images of Lola as a zen garden on Twitter, and the photos soon went viral. “People, the cat already had big diva energy to begin with,” writes Holland-Batt. “How will I cope with her ego now?”

The photos even inspired some others to try the same with their own cats. Unsurprisingly, not all felines took to being raked. One cat owner used a fork and some pebbles to create a makeshift kitzen garden. They shared a photo of their funny creation, and their cat looks thoroughly unimpressed. Another Twitter use posted a video of their cat irritably batting their rake away, paired with the caption, “We tried.”

Holland-Batt admits to feeling a little responsible for these non-enlightened cats’ woes. “A thousand apologies to all the other cats around the world whose owners now have Big Ideas about tiny rakes,” she says. “Only zen-rake your cat if they love it, like Lola!”

If you want a zen garden cat, Holland-Batt has a tip: “Acquire a placid cat if necessary. The situation demands it.”

Check out photos of some zen garden cats below.

Professor, writer, and poet Sarah Holland-Batt used a tiny rake and some stones to transform her chilled out cat into a zen garden.

The funny photos inspired others to do the same, but their zen garden cats didn’t turn out quite right.

Sarah Holland-Batt: Website | Facebook | Twitter
h/t: [grape]

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