January 6, 2021

Photographer Richard Silver on His Architectural Photography and Vertical Churches [Podcast]

Photographer Richard Silver has a talent for capturing space in unique and unexpected ways. This week on My Modern Met’s Top Artist Podcast, we talk about the techniques featured in his work, his upcoming Vertical Churches book, and much more. Silver has built up an impressive portfolio across almost 100 countries and over 350 cities he has visited. In each new place, he documents iconic landmarks, incredible modern architecture, and beautiful vernacular designs.

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November 25, 2020

Photographer Omar Z. Robles on His Sensational Images of Ballet Dancers Around the World [Podcast]

For the past few years, photographer Omar Z. Robles has been making waves with his dance photography—specifically, his ability to merge classical dance with the urban environment has sparked an enormous following. Robles travels the world— from New York City to Hong Kong to Cuba to Melbourne—and works with local ballet dancers.

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