Make Artwork That Shines When You Try Dazzling Diamond Paint Kits

Diamond Painting

Photo: Mary Ann Photo/Depositphotos
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Did you know that March is National Crafting Month in the United States? Set to celebrate the onset of spring, it makes a good excuse to pick up a new creative hobby. One craft that has been picking up steam over the past few years is diamond painting. Sometimes called diamond embroidery or crystal painting, it's often described as a mix between cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers and involves applying resin rhinestones to a canvas to create a sparkling mosaic. This meditative and relaxing process is a great way to unwind while also expressing your creativity.

Diamond art is a fantastic creative hobby for beginners because it takes very little effort to get a project up and running. Kits filled with everything you need to get started are readily available, and it doesn't take long to get the hang of the craft. This fun and easy craft is even something that you can do with the entire family, as diamond painting is also kid friendly.

While most people start their diamond painting journey by producing a wall hanging, there are a lot of creative possibilities with this craft. Pillows, tote bags, phone cases, coasters, and placemats are just some of the other items that can be given a decorative touch using diamond painting.

Let's take a look at how you can start painting with diamonds today, as well as some of the best diamond painting kits for all skill levels.


How to Start Diamond Painting

Diamond Embroidery

Photo: Daria_Nipot/Depositphotos

The process of diamond painting is quite simple. The “diamonds,” which are also called drills, are actually small resin gems that are usually either round or square. Drills are placed on a pre-printed adhesive canvas. A small applicator is dipped in wax and then used to pick up the gems and place them on the board to complete the design.

A diamond painting canvas is filled with symbols that correspond to drill colors. Just match the drill to the symbol on the canvas, and the image will emerge. It's really as simple as that!

Once your diamond art is complete, you can frame and hang your sparkly masterpiece on the wall.


Best Diamond Art Kits

A good diamond embroidery kit will provide you with everything that you need to start your project. This includes a canvas, applicator, adhesive, tray, and all the drills that you'll need to complete the piece. You can find kits at craft stores and on Amazon or Etsy, but we are partial to Diamond Art Club. This online retailer specializes in diamond painting and is continually adding new kits designed by different artists. With so many designs available, there is something for everyone.


Colorful Woman Diamond Painting Kit

Sonia Lazo | $23.99

Diamond Painting Kit Milky Way

CYC | $54.99

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