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Here’s the Right Way to Hold Your Cat, According to a Helpful Vet

How to Hold a Cat

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Have you ever wondered if you’re carrying, picking up, or even petting your cat properly? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are unsure how to best approach their feline friends and, as a result, often do it incorrectly. Fortunately, however, there’s hope, thanks to Dr. Uri Burstyn, aka the Helpful Vancouver Vet.

In a “helpful” video, Dr. Burstyn demonstrates how to handle a cat. First, he explains that, when approaching a cat, it’s best to keep your fingers curled and to calmly introduce yourself. Then, he recommends scratching the side of their face or tickling their chin. “There we go,” he says. “We just made friends with this wonderful little cat.”

Next, he reveals the key to picking up a cat: to make them feel supported. To achieve this, place one hand under the cat’s chest, and one under their abdomen. This not only assures that the cat is comfy; it helps avoid scratches, bites, and other not-so-fun injuries for you.

Once you’ve introduced yourself and picked up the cat, it’s time to hold them. Dr. Burstyn’s recommendations? Keep kitty close and “squish” them into your body. He also suggests using your hand to make a platform for the cat’s paws (that way, he says, “I can carry her around quite safely like this and she won’t want to get away), toting the cat like a football, and even putting them over your shoulder.

In each case, Dr. Burstyn stresses the importance of—what else?— squishing. “All you need to know about cat restraint,” he says, “is squish that cat.”

Wondering how to hold a cat? Try out Dr. Burstyn’s tips and techniques for handling a feline friend.

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