This Husband Calling Contest Is Real and It’s as Hilarious as You Would Think

If you've ever had trouble getting your husband's attention, you might want to take some tips from participants in the Iowa State Fair's husband-calling contest. If you aren't sure what husband calling is, just take a look at the viral video that's amassed over 17 million views on TikTok. This clip from the Iowa State Fair shows contestants hollering for “Bob,” “Keith,” “Darryl,” and more fellas. And if their performances are any indication, you won't want to mess with these women.

While the video is from a 2017 PBS Iowa broadcast, it gained new attention once it was posted by @_rhinestonecowboy on TikTok. The hilarious video shows a wide range of techniques, from operatic pleading to a good old-fashioned shout. Bonnie Swalell Eilert took home top prize in that year's contest with a dressing down of her husband, Roy. Starting with a high-pitched shriek of his name, she made sure he knew that he better not be late. Her performance was convincing enough to make her the winner and to make anyone watching the video get moving just a bit quicker.

In a follow-up, @_rhinestonecowboy posted a clip from the 2021 competition. Swalell Eilert was among the contestants, telling Roy to “get yourself in here.” As always, the approaches to the calls were all different but equally amusing. Winner Camellia Pohl made an impression by trilling her r's while lovingly calling out “Randy,” and telling him that dinner was ready.

So what does one win for being an expert “husband caller?” While everyone who participates gets a ribbon, only the lucky winner gets the prized blue ribbon and $5. Husband calling isn't the only unique contest that people can sign up for at the Iowa State Fair. Held annually in August since 1854, other events include mom calling, chicken calling, cow chip throwing, and yodeling.

Looking for a new way to get your spouse's attention? Check out some tips from these ladies in the Iowa State Fair husband-calling contest.

The fair has been held annually for over 165 years and includes other fun events like mom calling and chicken calling.

h/t: [BoingBoing]

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