Mom Finds Daughter on Roblox to Tell Her to Take the Lasagna Out of the Freezer

For some parents, meeting their kids halfway is the key to communication. Some others, though, go the extra mile. This is the case of ChaCha Watson, a mother from Chicago, who recently went viral for her creative way to reach out to her kid. Watson needed her 11-year-old daughter Miracle to take out a lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer so she could make it when she got home. After Mira, as she calls her, didn't pick up the phone, she decided to look for her on Roblox. Not only did she succeed, but she now has a very funny story to tell, too.

Roblox is an online gaming platform that allows users to program their own games that, according to The New York Times, had 164 million users in July 2020. Watson and her daughter have been playing it for over a year and their avatars are friends in the game. This allowed the mom to see that her daughter was online and even what she was playing there—Berry Avenue, a Sims-style game—so she decided to log on as well.

Watson figured Mira didn't pick up because the game would have booted her if she had answered. Luckily, she was able to find her daughter in the first part of the game. “She just so happens to be in the beginning stage when you first pop up on the game. So when I popped up, she was just so happened to pull up,” she told Today. Her avatar got in the car with her daughter's character. “And I said, ‘You see me calling you!' and then she was like, ‘I'm sorry mom,'” she recalled.

Fortunately, it all worked out in the end, as the car stopped momentarily on the side of the digital road while her daughter went to get the things out of the freezer. “I was like, ‘People got to see what I go through to get in touch with my child,'” Watson shares. Despite that awkward encounter, the mom, who is also a stand-up comedian, expressed that playing Roblox has been an amazing way to bond with her daughter, and it has even allowed little Mira to interact with her extended family. She believes parents should give it a go, but not only as a tool to tell their kids to do things.

“Being a single parent,” Watson says, “you just want to make sure that you're spending time with your kids. That's really important to me—to make sure I'm spending quality time with her. So I downloaded Roblox and…that was just one of the best things ever.”

ChaCha Watson, a mother from Chicago, was trying to reach her daughter Miracle to tell her to take the lasagna out of the freezer, but the young girl didn't pick up her phone.

That's when the clever mom signed onto Roblox to reach her in a now-viral Facebook post.

ChaCha Watson: Facebook
h/t: [Today]

All images via ChaCha Watson.

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