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Tattoos Elegantly Combine Delicate Natural Subjects with Bold Geometry

Spanish tattoo artist Marla Moon adorns her clients with works that beautifully combine nature and geometry. Although minimalist in their appearance, her permanent body art makes a bold statement using elegant lines and carefully-stippled dots. Together, these two elements depict animals, trees, and flowers that are recreated using angular shapes. Moon also etches a naturalistic-style drawing and then sets it within a triangle, diamond, or some other eye-pleasing polygon. This juxtaposition highlights the visual power that fine art and 2D design have when placed together.

Moon’s strength lies in her delicate lines and attention to detail, so she chooses to only create tattoos using black and/or gray ink. She’s perfected this style, so it’s no wonder that her popular Instagram account has people all over the world admiring her striking works.

Marla Moon: Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr

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