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New Espresso Machine Designed to Look Like a Concrete Work of Art

AnZa Contemporary Espresso Machine

Who doesn’t love a good espresso? And while we’ve often seen our lattes and cappuccinos transformed into works of art, the machine itself has stayed relatively the same. That’s where Montaag comes in. The Scandinavian-American design consultancy wanted to upgrade the appliance, transforming it into a sculpture worthy of your kitchen counter.

The AnZa, which has been four years in the making, is an aesthetically pleasing espresso machine that should satisfy designers and coffee lovers alike. The original concept came about after Montaag watched appliances arrive at the espresso machine repair company it shares office space with. Astounded by how similar they all looked, the design firm decided to see how they could improve on the longstanding aesthetic by changing the materials and finishes.

Models in concrete or Corian are finished with glass, brass, and wood for show-stopping appearances that have them looking as good as the espresso they make. Whether selecting the industrial, brutalist finish in concrete or sleek Corian to mirror a kitchen countertop, the AnZa cuts an elegant figure. And it seems like the public agrees. Montaag recently finished a successful Kickstarter campaign and has now taken to IndieGoGo, using the crowdfunding website for preorders at $799. The company estimates that production will begin in December 2017, with the first machines delivered to customers in March 2018.

And if you are concerned that the AnZa may look pretty, but not taste great, Montaag has taken care to ensure the technical aspect of the machine will give you the morning kick you are looking for. “The AnZa might not be technically unique, but the design and material choices of the AnZa make it something completely new, a conversation piece that aims to refashion the industry of home espresso machines.”

The AnZa, a new aesthetic twist on the classic espresso machine, comes in concrete or Corian models.
AnZa Contemporary Espresso Machine

AnZa - Corian Espresso MachineAnZa Contemporary Espresso MachineAnZa - Corian Espresso Machine

Brass, glass, and wood finishes help transform the contemporary espresso machine into a piece of sculpture.
AnZa - Corian Espresso Machine

AnZa Contemporary Espresso MachineAnZa - Corian Espresso MachineAnZa Contemporary Espresso MachineAnZa Contemporary Espresso Machine

Design firm Montaag has worked four years on the project and aims to have the first models delivered in March 2018.

Montaag: Website | Facebook | Instagram
h/t: [ArchDaily]

All images via Montaag.

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