Pianist Plays Moving Rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’ Outside of a Ukrainian Metro Station

When the world is turned upside down and seems to be crumbling around you, sometimes it’s hard to remember the good. But music has the remarkable power to uplift the soul and remind us to hope. One accomplished pianist took the opportunity to share her musical talent with refugees outside of a railway station in Lviv, Ukraine. In a video capturing her performance, the beautiful strains of “What a Wonderful World” can be heard ringing out as the passersby flee the conflicts of war in the eastern part of the nation.

As the pianist’s fingers dance passionately across the keys, only a few people stop to listen or record as she plays. But the familiar tune takes on a new and haunting beauty as its hopeful chorus swells amid times of such chaos and turmoil. Each note is a reminder that, even when everything seems bleak, the world remains a beautiful place full of wonder and promise.

The mystery pianist is a local Ukrainian citizen named Olga Nechyporchuk, who says that she goes to the station to play every day. She views the small act as her own contribution to the war effort in her country. Since she began, hundreds of people have approached her (and the friends she plays with) in order to thank them for the uplifting tunes.

The musicians' efforts have touched people worldwide. The video of Nechyporchuk's moving impromptu performance of “What a Wonderful World” has received over 3 million views on Twitter since it was first shared by Andrew Marshall, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and special correspondent for Reuters. And many people in the comments expressed being moved to tears by the performance. “It’s funny…how you watch a week of horror, and then a little thing like this is what gets the tears flowing,” said one Twitter user.

“What wonderful people the Ukrainians are,” said another. “ Their spirit, their courage, their bravery, and their strength is an inspiration to us all.” With all the large feats of courage and selflessness that provide for people’s physical safety and wellness during difficult times, it’s a small act like this one that lifts people up and gives them the strength to keep going.

Visit this page to find out how you can lend your support during the Ukraine crisis.

This talented pianist plays a hauntingly beautiful rendition of “What a Wonderful World” for refugees outside of a train station in Lviv, Ukraine.

The viral performance has brought people across the world to tears.

Olga Nechyporchuk: Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [Open Culture]

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