Girl Makes Powerpoint Presentation to Persuade Her Parents to Get a Cat, and Even Microsoft Is on Her Side

Girl Makes a Powerpoint to Persuade Her Parents to Get a Cat

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Successful persuasion requires outlining your case clearly, so that’s exactly what a young Canadian girl did in a bid to convince her parents to adopt a cat. She made a PowerPoint presentation featuring slides titled, “The pros of getting a cat” and “A cat oh yeah oh yeah.” Her dad, Christopher Doyle, recently took to social media to share his daughter’s presentation. However, perhaps by doing so he’s already lost the battle. Her arguments are so compelling, the Internet is now rooting for her.

“Our daughter made a PowerPoint,” Doyle wrote on Twitter, along with sharing four pages from the purrfect presentation. The tastefully-designed slides include irrefutable points such as, “All of my fellow siblings, though their opinions are less important, would love to have a cat,” and “You wouldn't have to listen to me ask for a cat again.” But perhaps the most compelling argument is, “PLEASE. SERIOUSLY YOU PROMISED ME A HAMSTER 5 YEARS AGO BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENED JUST LET ME HAVE THIS.” The girl—who would prefer to adopt a black cat—even explains that she understands the responsibility of having a pet, and she promises to clean up “the litter box and stuff.”

Since sharing the presentation around a week ago, Doyle’s tweet has amassed over 19,000 likes and hundreds of comments from people trying to convince him to let his daughter adopt a cat. Even Microsoft tweeted in her favor with, “A very compelling presentation! She has us convinced.”

In the end, the presentation did the trick! Doyle has since updated his Twitter bio with, “Looking for a cat for my daughter.” He’s also been posting updates, revealing their progress. He even took his daughter to their local pet store, and they have an appointment to visit a shelter next week!

We can’t wait to see his deserving kid with her own cat! Keep up to date with this story on Twitter.

A young Canadian girl made a PowerPoint presentation in a bid to convince her parents to adopt a cat.

The Internet is now rooting for her.

Even Microsoft tweeted in her favor!

Her dad has clearly lost the battle…

…the presentation was a total success!

Christopher Doyle: Twitter
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Christopher Doyle.

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