Vibrant Illustrations Painted With Patterns Celebrate the Beauty of Female Friendships

Roeqiya Fris Vibrant Feminine Artwork

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The rich visual world of Dutch-Egyptian artist Roeqiya Fris is teeming with life and femininity. Her vivid compositions are saturated with vibrant colors, lush natural landscapes, floral motifs, and a complementary mix of patterns. Without a doubt, her art is a veritable feast for the eyes.

The inspiration behind the artist’s striking creations stems from a variety of places, as she gains a wealth of source material from the incredible beauty and lasting visual impact of her dual Arab and Dutch heritage and upbringing. An idea for a composition or color palette may even be sparked by an everyday occurrence. “There are so many fascinating color-combinations I see in everyday life,” Fris tells My Modern Met, “such as two brightly colored cars parked next to each other in a street, or an eclectic color-mix of flowers in a field, somebody’s outfit in a grocery store, a still in a movie, a picture.”

Another compelling aspect of her work is its concentrated focus on women. In addition to Fris’ incredible color schemes, the undeniable strength in womanhood is another theme that the artist feels compelled to include in her artwork. Whether solitary figures in a surrounding landscape or grouped in a sisterly alliance, the graceful beauty of her elegant female protagonists is captivating.

“I believe that when women embrace and show their femininity (or what we as a society perceive as feminine traits and behavior) like sensitivity, softness, intuition, and beauty, that doesn’t mean they are weak, or soft,” she explains. “I see such strength and power in women that follow their heart, their passions, and are not bothered by opinions or expectations on how to behave, how to dress, or how to act.”

Fris’ magnificent work is extremely versatile, and her illustrations have found their way onto apparel and paper goods, into books, and even onto the pages of magazines. Scroll down to see many of her gorgeous pieces; to find out about her past collaborations, visit her Instagram page. You can also buy prints of her work by visiting her Etsy shop.

Dutch-Egyptian artist Roeqiya Fris creates vivid compositions that are saturated with vibrant colors and patterns.

Woman Outside

Woman Looking At Artwork

Woman Behind Flowers

Woman Looking At Artwork

Woman Sitting on a Bed With Guitars on Wall

Woman Holding a Vase

Bright Moroccan Landscape by Roeqiya Fris

Incredible Illustration With Bold Colors by Roeqiya Fris

Roeqiya Fris Illustration With Lush Landscape

Everyday occurrences, in addition to her dual Dutch and Arab heritage, are large sources of inspiration for Fris' colorful compositions.

Colorful Landscape Illustration by Roeqiya Fris

Feminine Figure in Floral Patterned Dress Painting by Roeqiya Fris

Women in Fancy Dresses Outdoor

Woman Sitting in a Chair

Floral Motifs and Bright Color Painting by Roeqiya Fris

Fris also likes to include female subjects in her works, evoking the elegant grace and strength that is inherent in their femininity.

Vibrant Color and Patterns Illustration by Roeqiya Fris

Female Figure and Bold Floral Prints Artwork by Roeqiya Fris

Roeqiya Fris Bold Color and Feminine Energy Artwork

Roeqiya Fris: Instagram | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Roeqiya Fris.

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