This 5,000-Person Sky Hotel Can Stay Airborne for Years

Sky Cruise Concept by Hashem Al-Ghaili

Photo: Hashem Al-Ghaili via YouTube

Many of us yearn for the time when air travel meant luxury. Today's cost-cutting measures have led to cramped flights and it seems harder than ever to fly in style, but one science-lover is giving us hope that things might soon change. With his incredible Sky Cruise concept, Hashem Al-Ghaili has proposed a whole new way to travel.

Instead of taking to the seas, his cruise hovers in the air. Al-Ghaili's incredible concept video shows an enormous plane inspired by a drawing that art director Tony Holmsten did over a decade ago. In it, we see the Sky Cruise, which can hold up to 5,000 people and spend years in the air thanks to its use of nuclear fusion. Al-Ghaili's ability to animate the concept and bring it to life is amazing. The video is truly a great sales pitch for the type of luxury vacation that you never knew you needed.

“I believe the current flying experience has become tiresome and outdated,” Al-Ghaili explains. “It is time for new innovations, that make our flight experiences more comfortable. I have always been a fan of Studio Ghibli. Castle in the Sky is one of my favorite movies where we see massive flying ships with people living inside.”

Sky Cruise has plenty of observation decks to take in the views of the sky or even watch the aurora borealis like never before. Guests and supplies will be whisked to the Sky Cruise from airports around the world, as there is landing space for commercial and private jets.

Inside, Al-Ghaili shows a world of luxury with magnificent food and plush interiors. There is even a state-of-the-art medical facility on board to cater to guests' health needs. While sky hotels have been proposed in the past and are often featured in science-fiction, the realism of Al-Ghaili's video has stirred up quite a reaction.

Al-Ghaili is confident that we are on the cusp of technology that could make this dream a reality. “I do believe that the Sky Cruise (Skytanic or Flytanic) could someday roam our skies,” he posted on Facebook. “Small nuclear reactors that can power airplanes are expected to be ready by [the] 2030s. With just a few tweaks to the design, nuclear fusion, and proper aerodynamics, the Sky Cruise could someday take off and carry thousands of passengers above the clouds.”

Since the video has gone viral, there has been enthusiasm, as well as criticism about the aerodynamics of the plane and its ability to fly. It's all feedback that Al-Ghaili is grateful for. “I want to reiterate that it’s just a concept,” he states. “I’m happy to see that it has stirred a lot of discussions and made you take a moment to dream of a future where such stuff could exist. Regardless of its feasibility, we humans should never stop dreaming.”

Sky Cruise is a floating hotel that can carry up to 5,000 people and stay airborne for years.

Hashem Al-Ghaili: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

h/t: [Interesting Engineering]

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