13 Stylish Treehouses for Grown-Ups to Spend a Night In

Who says treehouses are just for kids?

Today, the traditional treehouse has been adopted by and adapted for adults. With complex construction, stylish designs, and fully-equipped interiors, the charming childhood staple has matured into a modern, all-ages hideaway. In this collection of treehouses for grown-ups, we present and explore some of the most unique takes on the traditional tree-fort.

Some, like The Woodman's TreehouseKusukusu, and Treehouse Point, retain the iconic structure's classic elements, like unpainted wood walls, dangling bridges, and a relatively square design. Others, including Tree in the House, Free Spirit Spheres, and The UFO feature futuristic elements and an entirely modern design. And some, such as E’terra Samara, The 7th Room, and Urban Treehouse combine both styles into treehouses that are undeniably contemporary while still “rooted” in tradition.

Scroll down to see this stunning selection of treehouses for grown-ups!

The Woodman's Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin woodsman treehouse guy mallinsontreehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin woodsman treehouse guy mallinson

The Woodman’s Treehouse is tucked away in the woods of Dorset, England. It was constructed by Guy Mallinson, a green woodworker, and designed with nature in mind—the elevated bungalow is composed of local materials and doesn’t disturb the local landscape. “We don’t touch the trees at all,” Mallinson explains. “We don’t stress the trees by imposing a heavy loads on them or by fixing bolts into them. We believe that the tree has grown in response to its environment and as such should be left well alone.”


The Almke Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin almke treehouse baumraumtreehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin almke treehouse baumraum

Designed by Baumraum, the Almke Treehouse serves as a meeting place for a scout group based near Wolfsburg, Germany. The raised cabin wraps around a pine tree, and is comprised of 2 structures connected by stairs.


Tree in the House

treehouses for grown-ups a masow design studio tree in the housetreehouses for grown-ups a masow design studio tree in the house

Tree in the House is an avant garde treehouse designed by architect Aibek Almasov of A. Masow Design Studio. Located in a forest in Kazakhstan, the cylindrical structure features transparent walls, a winding staircase, and, of course, an actual “tree in the house!”


E’terra Samara

treehouses for grown-ups farrow partnership architects eterra samaratreehouses for grown-ups farrow partnership architects eterra samara

E'terra Samara, an eco-friendly, five-star resort, invites nature-loving guests to “escape the city lights for starry nights in the magical crispness of the Bruce Peninsula.” Designed by Farrow Partnership Architects, each treehouse wraps around the trunk of a tree “rather than following the common practice of nailing to the tree, thereby hugging the tree rather than piercing its flesh.”


Treehouse Point

treehouses for grown-ups pete nelson treehouse pointtreehouses for grown-ups pete nelson treehouse point

Treehouse Point is an eco-friendly bed and breakfast tucked away in the woods of Washington. Designed by treehouse enthusiasts Pete and Judy Nelson, the overnight retreat center aims to be a “place of peace, romance, and rejuvenation” for adults in need of a getaway.


The 7th Room

treehouses for grown-ups snohetta treehoteltreehouses for grown-ups snohetta treehotel

The 7th Room, one of Sweden's Treehotels, was dreamt up by design studio Snøhetta. In addition to a jaw-dropping view of the Northern Lights, the towering treehouse boasts a beautiful aesthetic inspired by both its wooded surroundings and its cultural roots. “The design of the 7th room aims to bring people and nature closer together, extending the cabin’s social spaces to the outside and further blending the distinction between indoor and outdoor,” writes Snøhetta. “With its wooden characteristics and unique location in the treetops, the 7th room is a celebration of the Nordic cabin and the pine tree forest.”


Free Spirit Spheres

treehouses for grown-ups round treehouse Free Spirit Spherestreehouses for grown-ups round treehouse Free Spirit Spheres

Tom Chudleigh designed the Free Spirit Spheres, a collection of orb-like cottages situated on Vancouver Island. The cozy cabins are strategically spherical in shape as, according to Chudleigh, “where normal square/rectangular housing separates walls, floor and ceiling with hard lines and often color and material changes—in a sphere they all become one.”



treehouses for grown-ups takashi kobayashi kusukusu treehousetreehouses for grown-ups takashi kobayashi kusukusu treehouse

A collaborative project between treehouse creator Takashi Kobayashi and Hiroshi Nakamura of NAP Architects, Kusukusu is Japan's largest treehouse. Located in Atami, the beautiful abode elegantly wraps around a 300-year-old camphor tree.



treehouses for grown-ups ufo treehoteltreehouses for grown-ups ufo treehotel

As one of Sweden's famed Treehotels, the UFO is a modern and thematic approach to the traditional treehouse. The saucer-shaped cabin is nestled in the woods and, due to its stilts, almost appears to hover above the ground. Its stylish interior matches its extraterrestrial exterior—even the bedding is cosmos-themed!


Urban Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups baumraum urban treehousetreehouses for grown-ups baumraum urban treehouse

Designed by Baumraum, each Urban Treehouse is equipped for long-term living. The experimental structures are situated in a residential area and utilize the local nature without harming or interfering with it.


Cherry Blossom Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups tetsu teahouse hokuto japantreehouses for grown-ups tetsu teahouse hokuto japan

Straight from a storybook, this charming cottage-inspired teahouse is located in Hokuto, Japan. It was designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum with the intention of offering guests a prime view of the area's cherry blossoms.


Dome-Shaped Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups baumraum oak tree treehousetreehouses for grown-ups baumraum oak tree treehouse

This Baumraum-built, dome-shaped treehouse sits on someone's property. Designed as a quiet getaway, the airy abode is simply equipped with a double bed, a delightful deck, and skylights. The structure is perched 11 meters in the air and is accessible via a spiral staircase.


Tom's Treehouse

treehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin wandawega toms treehousetreehouses for grown-ups treehouse travel cabin wandawega toms treehouse

Built on the former site of Camp Wandawega, the childhood getaway of its designer, David Hernandez, Tom's Treehouse was intended as a tribute to Hernandez's late, nature-loving father-in-law. Constructed using reclaimed wood and full of upcycled furniture and repurposed decor, Tom's Treehouse is, fittingly, an eco-friendly homage to an old friend.

Kelly Richman-Abdou

Kelly Richman-Abdou is a Contributing Writer at My Modern Met. An art historian living in Paris, Kelly was born and raised in San Francisco and holds a BA in Art History from the University of San Francisco and an MA in Art and Museum Studies from Georgetown University. When she’s not writing, you can find Kelly wandering around Paris, whether she’s leading a tour (as a guide, she has been interviewed by BBC World News America and France 24) or simply taking a stroll with her husband and two tiny daughters.
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