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30+ Pieces of Bird Art Showing How Our Feathered Friends Inspire Creativity

Bird Art Paper Art Floral Sculpture Egg Painting

Given their aesthetic diversity, expressive faces, and graceful movements, birds have become a popular artistic muse. Animal-loving creatives often turn to these winged creatures for inspiration, finding new and innovative ways to capture their unique coloring, fascinating patterns, and distinctive silhouettes. As evident in this striking selection of birds in art, artists approach this iconography in a myriad of ways.

The pieces that compose this collection of avian art range from stunning works on paper to mesmerizing three-dimensional sculptures. While some illustrate traditional techniques (such as watercolor paintings, wooden models, and wildlife photographs), others convey contemporary artists’ more unconventional methods of portraying birds. Novel mediums used include tattoo ink, flower petals, industrial and scrap metal, and even smoke!

Regardless of the materials employed or their stylistic approach, each captivating creation proves that our feathered friends continue to inspire sky-high creativity.

This collection of bird art showcases the unique ways in which artists approach avian iconography. They include:

Feathery Folk Art 


Postage-Inspired Paper Art


Calligraphy-Inspired Watercolor


Dip-Dyed Sculptures


Soaring Shadowboxes


Sky-High Street Art


Elegant Origami


Flitting Tattoos


Spray-painted Songbird


Flock-Inspired Installation

Bird Art Birds As Art

Artists: Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta (Studio DRIFT). Read more: Flock of Birds-Inspired Art


Wings in Motion


Metal Migration


Tiny Watercolors 


Modern Lamps


Fluttering Cut-Outs

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