Cat Lover Turns Their Pet’s Shed Fur Into Adorable Kitty Slippers

Pet Owner Makes Cat Slippers From Shed Hair

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they can shed quite a lot of fur, especially if they are a long-haired breed. And keeping up with all the stray hair can be quite daunting with the copious amounts of brushing, dusting, vacuuming, and lint rolling required. So what is a devoted pet owner to do with all the furballs accumulating around their house? Well, one creative cat lover decided to turn their fluffy friend’s fur into a custom pair of cozy kitty slippers—that’s right, miniature slippers for the cat to wear.

Did you know that cat fur makes the perfect material for needle felting? And the best part is it’s absolutely free. So, rather than letting all that useful cat hair go to waste, Twitter user Minira Diary began collecting the fur balls left after each brushing of their cat. And once they had amassed a sufficient supply, the creative pet owner formed the fuzzy fibers into tiny cat-sized slippers, perfect for all the time their kitty spends lazing around the house. When the little shoes are placed next to the owner’s own human-sized slides, the tiny cat slippers look so adorably small that it’s almost too cute to bear. And they even have teeny stickers of a cat face attached to the front so there’s no mistaking who they belong to.

Luckily, the owner also took plenty of pictures and even recorded a video documenting the entire process—from collecting the fur to the much-awaited try-on session. Cat lovers are sure to be impressed, and possibly even overwhelmed, by the ridiculous cuteness of such teensy cat slippers. But it’s safe to say that the cat itself wasn’t too impressed. Minira, the pampered kitty in question, bore all the brushing sessions with minimal hostility. The furry feline even resigned to wearing the fuzzy footwear. But in the end, the compliant cat seemed unfazed and perhaps slightly confused as its owner slid the tiny cat slippers onto its hind paws.

Regardless of the cat’s underwhelmed reception of the custom footwear, viewers will have a hard time not falling in love with the image of tiny cat paws in little slippers. However, judging by the video, in Minira’s opinion the fuzzy shoes serve better as chew toys.

To keep up with more of Minira’s adorable antics check out Minira Diary on YouTube.

A creative cat lover turned their pet's shed fur into adorable kitty slippers.

Cat Lover Makes Kitty Slippers From Shed Fur

Cat Lover Makes Kitty Slippers From Shed Fur

Pet Owner Makes Cat Slippers From Shed Hair

Watch this video to see the whole process and the kitty's endearing reaction.

Minira Diary: Twitter | YouTube
h/t: [Grape]

All images via Minira Diary.

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