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Twitter Account Cleverly Exposes “Real Names” for Everyday Objects and Animals

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Satirically specializing in sharing “the correct names for things” with the world, Twitter account Correct Names comically captions photographs of everyday objects and well-known animals with bizarre, laughable labels.

Ranging from obvious-yet-odd literal interpretations to outlandish descriptions, the funny fake names put familiar things in a new light. In some instances, the objects and animals are given new monikers based on other objects they resemble. Cheerios become “bagel seeds,” a spoon is a “pudding shovel,” and grass is an “earth rug.” Others are re-labeled based on some of their specific functions, like milk’s role as “cereal sauce” and a couch’s purpose as a “human shelf.” Some get deep and make you think (like “snowman blood” for water) and others are plain silly, like the names “windy spin” for a fan.

Since joining Twitter late last year, Correct Names has amassed a following of nearly 50,000 users. The page itself is extremely active, with an average day seeing at least one funny post pop up. So, for your daily dose of inexplicably funny content, be sure to check out the amusing account.

Twitter account Correct Names gives everyday objects and well-known animals funny fake names. See a particularly silly selection of pairs below.

Correct Names: Twitter
h/t: [Buzzfeed]

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