Dog Mom Is Shocked to Watch Her Freshly Groomed Pup Descend Into Giant Mud Puddle

groomed white dog in a puddle of mud

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

For many dog parents, bathing their pets or taking them to a grooming salon is a whole ordeal. But the results are worth it for a squeaky clean pup that smells nice and has a fluffy coat. Unfortunately for some, there's little time to enjoy it before their pooches decide to roll in the dust, make a hole in the garden, or get soaked in the rain. One particular dog named Luna decided she had had enough of being clean—much to the dismay of her human—who captured a painfully funny video of her pet having the time of her life playing in the mud.

Luna's owner, Fernanda Kreibich, had just had the dog washed and groomed; her white coat was extra shiny and soft. The pair then decided to pay a visit to Kreibich's fiance's outdoor worksite. Since it had rained, many puddles had formed on the premises. Suddenly, the pooch decided to follow two other dogs at the worksite into a large puddle. In a matter of milliseconds, the once spotless white pup was covered in mud.

The craziest part? Kreibich describes Luna as averse to getting dirty, usually keeping herself clean and going as far as avoiding getting her paws wet. “She doesn’t like it,” Luna’s mom explained. “She won’t even step on the grass after it’s rained. She’s super clean.” That's why her reaction to seeing her pet have a change of heart regarding dirt led her to react to her new love for mud with the words, “My god.”

“I don’t know what happened. I couldn’t believe it. She was having fun [in the mud],” Kreibich said, still finding it hard to believe. “She was super proud.”

While many would only sigh at having to take their pet back to the groomer, the dog mom is happy that Luna has let go of her phobia of dirt and is willing to support her through her muddy adventures if that'll keep her heart full. “I want her to have fun! I will definitely take her back to the mud puddle to play.”

This is Luna, a pup who used to hate being dirty—until she one day had a change of heart.

freshly groomed white dog

Photo: Screenshot from TikTok

Just after being washed and groomed, she followed two dogs into a large puddle. In a matter of seconds, the once spotless white pup was covered in mud–but having the time of her life.

@fernandakreibich♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Her human mom shared the aftermath on TikTok. Despite having to clean her again, she supports her newfound love for mud.  “I want her to have fun! I will definitely take her back to the mud puddle to play,” she said.

@fernandakreibich Respondendo a @mariaisabelguaran #cachorro #arte #spa #linda ♬ Pagodão do Birimbola (Tchubirabirom) – Os Quebradeiras & Machadez & Mousik

h/t: [The Dodo]

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