These NASA-Approved Watches Include Genuine Moon Dust

LUNAR1,622 watch with moon dust by Interstellar

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There are few sights as romantic as a full moon. For those who love to stargaze or those who simply consider themselves astronomy enthusiasts, there's now a special watch that lets you wear a piece of the Moon on your wrist. Creative brand Interstellar, which belongs to Col&MacArthur, has designed a line of beautiful timepieces which honors past and future lunar missions.

The series of watches is called LUNAR1,622, deriving its name from lunar and the number 1,622 which represents the surface gravity on the Moon. “It's more than a watch; it's a reminder that the sky is not the limit, but just the beginning,” Interstellar says. Additionally, what makes these watches even more collectible is that they are officially approved by NASA, meaning that the space agency's iconic logo is included on the back of the watch, and the accessories include NFC (near-field communication) technology.

Of course, the crowning jewel of these watches is the genuine moon dust that is tucked away at the three o'clock mark. The Advanced and Premium version of these timepieces feature meteorite moon dust that was collected in Northwest Africa and certified by Britain-based MSG Meteorites. While the standard model does not come with this stellar touch, it does have a recreation of Neil Armstrong's footprint in the same three o'clock slot.

There are many other details for astronomy fans to find. For instance, all of the successful Apollo landings on the Moon are written in gold lettering on the edge of the dial, while orbital missions are added in white. Furthermore, Neil Armstrong's famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” are inscribed on one side of the frame, as well as his initials, and the Apollo II mission's name and date.

The Earlybird prices for the moon watch start at $399 for the standard model, $599 for the advanced model, and $999 for the premium. You can pre-order them via Kickstarter. Orders are expected to be delivered in December 2023.

Creative brand Interstellar has designed a spectacular timepiece which honors the Apollo II mission.

Interstellar Moon Watch With Moon Dust

The LUNAR1,622 line features watches inspired by the Moon and past and future lunar exploration.

Interstellar Moon Watch With Moon Dust

Interstellar Moon Watch With Moon Dust

Advanced and premium versions of the watch include genuine moon dust in the three o'clock mark.

LUNAR1,622 watch with moon dust by Interstellar

The standard version includes a rendering of Neil Armstrong's footprint.

LUNAR1,622 watch with Neil Armstrong footprint by Interstellar

Interstellar Moon Watch With Moon Dust


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