Innovative Air-to-Water Filtration System Turns Moisture in the Air Into Clean Drinking Water

Home Water Filtration System

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Water is one of the earth’s most valuable natural resources, and it is essential for all organic lifeforms. However, access to clean drinking water is an important basic necessity that has become a privilege or even an inaccessible commodity for many people around the world. But one startup company has created a groundbreaking machine that could change all of that. The innovative device—called Kara Pure—harvests pure drinking water from the air, dispensing up to 10 liters (2.5 gallons) of the valuable liquid per day.

The innovative air-to-water filtration system also functions as an air purifier and a dehumidifier, able to produce clean water from even the most polluted air. First, the unit collects air and filters it. That purified air is then converted into water, which then goes through its own filtration system. After that, the cleaned and purified air is released back into the environment, while the purified water is stored for your consumption. For now, Kara Pure only dispenses water at room temperature, but the startup has pledged to develop a hot and cold function when they reach their stretch goal of $200,000. And so far (as of writing), they’ve already raised over $140,000 on Indiegogo.

With its minimalistic and luxurious design, Kara Pure is environmentally friendly and also helps improve wellness by delivering “elevated alkaline water.” Using its built-in ionizer, the machine separates the water into its acidic and alkaline parts. It then enhances the water with 9.2+ pH alkaline minerals, including calcium, magnesium, lithium, zinc, selenium, strontium, and metasilicic acid to give a potent boost to your immune system and overall health.

“Only by bringing together a team of professional engineers and advisors from different industries was it possible to develop a technology that can produce up to 2.5 gallons of safe drinking water from the air,” the startup explains. “We want to decrease dependence on groundwater by fully tapping into air-water with Kara Pure to provide everyone access to premium quality local alkaline drinking water.”

The project is still in its crowdfunding stage, but mass production will begin in February 2022. And the final product will begin shipping in June 2022. To learn more about Kara Pure, visit the company’s website or follow them on Instagram. You can also support their campaign by backing them on Indiegogo.

Kara Pure is an innovative air-to-water filtration system that produces clean drinking water from the air.

Kara Pure Air-to-Water Dispenser Kickbooster

Home Water Filtration System

Kara Pure Air-to-Water Dispenser Kickbooster

Watch this video to learn more about Kara Pure.

Kara Pure: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Indiegogo

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