15+ Creative Gifts For People Who Love Math and Science

Math and Science Gifts

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the math and science lover in your life, there is no shortage of creative items that will make their heart soar. Celebrate your favorite mathematician or scientist by showing them how in tune you are with their quirks, whether they're into physics, astronomy, or geology. The My Modern Met Store is filled with unique gifts that cater to science and math nerds of all ages.

This includes an adorable Albert Einstein action figure that will have them thinking of the Theory of Relativity each day, astronomy jewelry to show off their passion while staying fashionable, and a selection of science-themed infinity puzzles that will give their brain a workout. If they need to relieve some stress, John Edmark‘s kinetic toys provide endless hours of entertainment that will help them get out that nervous energy.

So whether you want to gift something to your favorite math or science teacher, reward a recent graduate, or simply surprise a science-minded loved one, you needn't look any further.

Searching for a gift for the science and math buff in your life? Check out our curated selection of creative products from the My Modern Met Store.


Albert Einstein Action Figure


Lollipopter Kinetic Toy


Helicone Kinetic Toy


Geode Jigsaw Puzzle


Large Geode Jigsaw Puzzle


Infinity Jigsaw Puzzle


Infinite Galaxy Puzzle 2


Earth Jigsaw Puzzle


Moon Puzzle


‘Disappearing' Constellation Mug


This Book Is a Planetarium


Solar System Cuff Bracelet


Solar System Mis-Matched Earrings


Solar System Bib Necklace


Curved Moon Phase Necklace in Silver


Curved Solar System Necklace in Silver


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