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25 Creative Gifts for Anyone Who Absolutely Loves Science

Science Gifts

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There’s something magical about every branch of science, whether it’s exploring outer space or understanding what makes our brains tick. And if you are seeking out clever science gifts for the biologist, chemist, or physicist in your life, there’s no shortage of clever products that will show off their love of science.

Some items, like clever chemistry Crayon labels or periodic table blocks, have an educational twist. While others, like an Albert Einstein action figure or molecule necklace, will let you wear your love of science proudly for the world to see. Or, if you like to combine scientific studies with edible treats you’ll want to check out cookie cutters that will have you baking cute lab beaker cookies in no time.

Check out our list of fun, educational—and a little nerdy—science gifts, whether you are treating yourself or the scientist in your life.


Albert Einstein Action Figure


Geode Jigsaw Puzzle


Heat Changing Planet Mug


Science Novelty Socks

Science Novelty Socks

socks n socks | $26.99


Lollipopter Kinetic Toy


Brain Specimen Coasters

Science Gifts for Adults

Generix Geek | $19.99


Great Women of Science Pint Glass


Golden Ratio Pendant


Chemistry Lab Cookie Cutter Set

science gifts

ComputerGear | $25.99


This Book is a Planetarium Kit


Chemistry Insulated Thermos

Chemistry Insulated Thermos

alaza | $24.99


14-Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

chemistry gifts

Wink | $40


Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

science gifts

AcuRite | $34.74


Laboratory Beaker Mug

Laboratory Beaker Mug

Amugo | $12.99


Circuit Breaker Coasters


Women in Science: 100 Postcards


Solar System Cuff Bracelet


Science Infinity Scarf

Science Infinity Scarf

Di Capanni | $19.99


Science Quote Notebook Set


Niels Bohr Atom Model Hanging Mobile


Marie Curie Enamel Pin


Periodic Table Blocks

science gifts

Uncle Goose | $33.95


Serotonin Molecule Necklace


Chemistry Crayon Labels


Perpetual Motion Desktop Toy

Asteroid Kinetic Art Sculpture

Science Geek | $16.99


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