Interactive Baby Chick Night Lamp Brightens Any Room With Its Cuteness

Baby Chick Night Lamp By Muid in Amoy

We could all use a little more illumination to brighten our lives, especially if it’s as cute as the Baby Chick Night Lamp designed by MUID. This playful lamp designed to look like a chick who has just broken from its shell and entered a brand new world is endearing and sophisticated at the same time. It offers a comforting kind of fun and is almost a toy but not exactly. Kids will love it for its cuteness, as will any adult who likes their home space with a touch of humor.

With its warm, soft glow, the adorable Baby Chick Night Lamp is soft enough to make us feel ready for a restoring night. This gentle alternative to a traditional night light is a delightful addition to tech-smart homes, and the cuteness of this chick is coupled with a smooth and lovely design.

MUID's focus is high design quality, and ease of use. The lower body lights up when the lamp is switched on, and the beak acts as the off-button when its head is bowed, making it easy for anyone to operate. The adorable chick mirrors the color of an encapsulating and cozy egg with its cream and white form, yolk-yellow beak, and little legs that act as the lamp's stand. And if chicks are not your thing, you can try a bearpear, or slug from the same design house to make your night snug.

The simplicity of the Baby Chick Night Lamp gives it an ethereal quality of innocence and protection. Perhaps the only thing we want more than a warm, deep and cozy sleep for ourselves is the same for our children. This baby is set to smooth over any nocturnal uncertainties, and bring gentle delight to anyone's night.

For more cute and quirky lamp designs and other products by MUID, you can check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

This Baby Chick Night Lamp by MUID is a fun and functional way to light up a room.

Baby Chick Night Lamp by Muid in Amoy

Its smooth silicone body and minimalist packaging makes it a beautiful gift for anyone with an eye for cuteness.

Baby Chick Night Lamp By Muid in Amoy

It is fully rechargeable, and adds an element of fun to smart-home technology and lighting design.

Baby Chick Night Light by Muid in Amoy

The ingenious design is also interactive—when the chick is sitting up, the light is on; but when it is lying down,  the light turns off.

Baby Chick Night Lamp by Muid in Amoy

Baby Chick Night Lamp by Muid in Amoy

Baby Chick Night Lamp By Muid in Amoy

MUID: WebsiteInstagram | Behance

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Behance.

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