10+ Creative Products to Help You Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

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If you're one of those people who makes New Year's resolutions but winds up backpedaling on your promises, you're not alone. Almost 70% of Americans make at least one New Year's resolution, but far fewer actually follow through. So how can we keep on track with going after our goals? Part of the trick is preparation and fully immersing yourself in meeting your target.

Believe it or not, the majority of us all wish for the same things. Most years, both resolutions include losing weight and eating healthier, which explains why so many people get a gym membership in January. Next on the list? People are looking to get their finances in order and save money. Some of the other resolutions on the list include learning a new hobby, making new friends, and finding love.

How did New Year's resolutions start in the first place? It's a ritual that actually goes back thousands of years, starting with the ancient Babylonians. They started each year with a promise to pay off their debts or returned borrowed items, but it was the ancient Romans who connected the ceremony with January. At the start of every year, they made a promise to the Roman god Janus—who inspired the name of the month.

Through the 20th and 21st centuries, the number of people that make resolutions has slowly increased, with many of us hoping for health, wealth, and happiness. So what are some things that can help us make it through the rest of the year with our goals accomplished? We took a look at the most common New Year's resolutions and compiled a list of cool items that will make it a breeze to stick out the year and fulfill your promise.

Let's look at some fun and unique products that will make it a breeze to keep yourself on track and meet your goals in the New Year.


Eat Healthier

Get healthy incorporating superfoods like chia seeds and açaí into your diet in a fun and easy way.


Get More Exercise

Nike Flyknit Running Shoe

Nike | $73+

Be stylish while you get fit with a pair of Nike Flyknit Running Shoes. They come in a variety of colors which all feature a lightweight, durable design that adds spring to your step.


Save Money

Who wouldn't want to put their spare change in this cute balloon rabbit, reminiscent of Jeff Koons' famous sculpture?


Focus on Self-Care

Improve your sleep cycle with this hypnotic sleep aid that projects a soothing, pulsing light on your ceiling and takes you through guided breathing exercises.


Read More

With all the new books you'll be reading, you'll want a quirky bookmark to make sure you never lose your place.


Make New Friends

Fun Passport Holder

“I'm Outta Here” Passport holder: $24 | Luggage Tag: $10

Get to know new people by packing your bags and treating yourself to an adventure, whether close to home or across the ocean.


Learn a New Skill

This stitch sampler will help teach you basic embroidery stitches, allowing you to take the first steps toward becoming a master of modern embroidery.


Start Your Own Business

How to Work as an Artist

Lisa Congdon | $14.17

Take the creative leap and prepare yourself for life as a full-time artist.


Get a New Job

Brush up on your business skills with Richard Branson or learn more about embarking on the path of a freelancer with Creative Live's wide selection of online classes to help further your career.


Take Up a Hobby

Person Drawing on Paper

Udemy | $34.99 (Photo: Stock Photos from Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Udemy can help you dive into a new craft, whether it's learning the basic principles of drawing, mastering Excel, starting a business, and much more.


Find Love

Have luck on your side in the search for love with this charming four-leaf clover necklace.


Teach a Class

Person Teaching an Online Course

LearnWorlds | $24+ (Photo: Stock Photos from fizkes/Shutterstock)

Have a skill you want to share with the world? LearnWorlds can help you monetize your talents by creating and selling online courses through your website.


Write a Book

How to Write a Book

Harry Bingham | $14.99

Everyone has a story to tell. This year, try to put your ideas on paper and begin crafting the novel or novella of your dreams.


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