8 Tips to Help You Turn Your Bedroom Into a Relaxing Sanctuary

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We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, so it only makes sense that our bedrooms would be our favorite retreat. And although a sanctuary can mean different things to different people, there are a few universal tips to consider when trying to make your bedroom an ideal space to begin and end each day.

So what are some key tips for making your bedroom your ideal sanctuary? Whether you have trouble sleeping or are looking to revamp your space, finding a soothing color palette is an important first step to creating a cozy haven. Typically light and neutral tones will help create a sense of airiness to your room, which is especially helpful if you are decorating a small bedroom. Staying organized is also key. By making your bed and keeping piles of clothes off of the floor, you enforce your bedroom as a clean and inviting place to return to (thanks Marie Kondo!).

Scroll down to find more tips and products to help you decorate your bedroom.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary with these tips and products.

Woman Stretching Her Arms in Bed

Stock Photos from Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock

Fill your bedroom with your favorite scent…

Your bedroom should be your favorite place in the home. One of the ways to keep it an inviting haven is through aromatherapy. Candles, incense, and essential oils are just a few ways to treat your senses to relaxing scents like lavender, vanilla, and jasmine.


Lemon Lavender Soy Candle


Blackberry & Bay Soy Candle


Use blackout curtains for an uninterrupted sleep

Whether you're a light sleeper or someone who just wants to catch up on a few z's, blackout curtains are a useful decorative tool. Not only that, but the heavy material will also keep your room cool in the summers and keep heat inside during the winters.

Abstract Blackout Curtains by Colour Poems

colour poems | $95.19

Beige Blackout Curtains by Eider & Ivory

Eider & Ivory | $36.36+


Layer your bed with cozy quilts and throws

The key to an inviting bed is layers. Choose a textured throw (or two) to put on top of your duvet.


Chunky Knit Blanket


Faux-Fur Throw

Faux Fur Blanket by Mistana

Mistana | $30.49


Or try using a weighted blanket for more comfort…

Weighted blankets can help alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as restless leg syndrome. Choose the weight you prefer and place it over your comforter for a soothing pressure.

Weighted Blanket by Casper Sleep

Casper Sleep | $152.10+


Decorate your bedroom with soothing artwork

Consider what kind of artwork relaxes you—black and white photographs, watercolor prints, landscape paintings—and decorate your bedroom in that theme.


Different Ways to Climb & Unusual Paths Art Print

Art Print by Isabelle Feliu

Isabelle Feliu | $28.79+


Koi in Black Water Canvas Print


Choose lighting that's gentle on your eyes…

Lighting creates the ambiance of a space. Replace any florescent or bright lighting in your bedroom with something soft and inviting.


Himalayan Salt Lamp


Fairy Lights With Photo Clips

Fairy Lights by MUMUXI

MUMUXI | $34.99


Make mornings more inviting with a fluffy rug

Sometimes the prospect of cold, hard floors is what keeps us lingering in bed. Add a fluff shag rug to your bedroom to keep your feet cozy.


Grey Shag Rug

Grey Shag Rug by Mack & Milo

Mack & Milo | $67.99+


Pink Area Rug

Pink Shag Rug by Marilyn Monroe Shop

Marilyn Monroe | $64.99+


Instead of TV, use a white noise machine

Although many people enjoy falling asleep to Netflix, it can be disruptive to your sleep schedule. Instead of TV, consider incorporating a white noise machine into your nightly routine for calming sounds. You can also get smart speakers—such as Google Home and Alexa—to play sweet sounds to sleep.


White Noise Machine With Night Light

White Noise Machine by Dreamegg

Dreamegg | $35.99


Google Home

Google Home

Google | $29.99


Nest Mini (2nd Gen)

Nest Mini

Google | $29.99


Echo (3rd Gen)

Alexa Echo by Amazon

Amazon | $69.99


Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Echo Dot by Amazon

Amazon | $29.99


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