19 Relaxing Products and Activities to Help You De-Stress

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With so many stressors affecting our day-to-day life right now, it can be hard to find effective ways to unwind. And if you're working or studying from home, setting aside time for yourself may suddenly feel much harder to do. However, even when you're limited by physical distancing, there are dozens of different stress-busting activities to try from the comfort of your home.

Making art is often used as a catchall cure to boredom, but sometimes working without a structure can make you more anxious than before. So, to satisfy the creative itch to create and have fun doing it, consider picking up an adult coloring book. These nifty resources come in a variety of styles, genres, and mediums—ensuring there's a choice out there for everyone. Fans of Jason Momoa, for instance, can fill in dozens of escapist fantasy illustrations that feature the Game of Thrones and Aquaman actor. Additionally, for those who like to work with their hands, there is a myriad of all-inclusive embroidery kits that can help you learn the craft in no time at all. With the Fox Doll Kit by Kiriki Press, you will receive all the supplies you need to make your own plush animal friend.

Arts and crafts aren't the only ways to unwind. Practicing self-care through aromatherapy, bubble baths, and reading are great ways to take care of your mental and physical health. The Essential Oil Diffuser Set by Puroma comes with a variety of delicious scents that will fill the room while you read or do chores. Adding an indoor plant to your living space can provide a sense of well-being, as well as purify the air.

Keep reading to see more products and activities that will help you relax.

Need to relax and de-stress? Try these products and activities.


Do Some Arts & Crafts

Whether you're a dabbling artist or someone who has the sudden urge to try a creative activity, there are a plethora of ways to ignite your imagination. Coloring books are known to promote feelings of relaxation and some clever embroidery kits come with everything you need to start sewing.


Secret Garden Coloring Book


Crush + Color Jason Momoa Coloring Book


Pablo Water-Resistant Colored Pencils (Set of 18)


Flower Color Pencils Set of 5

Trinus Flower Color Pencils Set of 5

Trinus | $22


Oil Paint set

Oil Paint Set by Van Gogh

Van Gogh | $39.94


Fox Doll Embroidery Kit


Bees & Wildflowers Embroidery Kit


Play a Game / Complete a Puzzle

There comes a point when you just can't look at any more screens. When that happens, pulling out a traditional game or puzzle is a fun way to kick back and enjoy your downtime.


Four Point Moon Puzzle


Giant Jumbling Tower

Rainbow Jumbling Towers by Sunnylife

Sunnylife | $55


Spend Time Outdoors

Engaging with nature is a great way to stay healthy and practice mindfulness. Disconnecting from your devices and stepping outside is an effective way to cure stress. Whether it's going for a walk around the block, taking your book outside, or gardening, there are dozens of ways to forge a relaxing connection with the outdoors.


Big Camping Hammock

Big Camping Hammock by LuckyStone

LuckyStone | $24.99


Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap

Green Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap by Balance From

Balance From | $29.99


Get a Plant

Even if you don't have a yard or garden, adding an indoor plant to your home will provide many health benefits. Small plants like succulents are easy to take care of and make for charming decorative elements.


10 Assorted Varieties of Succulent Cuttings


Succulent and Candle Gift Box


Air Purifying Parlor Plant

Live House Plant

Elegant Outlet | $13.49+


Practice Self-Care

Oftentimes, we forget to prioritize our own mental and physical health. So, consider treating yourself to something you love, like bubble baths or aromatherapy.


Essential Oil Diffuser Set

Essential Oil Diffuser Set by Puroma

Puroma | $36.99


Bath Bomb Gift Set of 12


Bath Bomb Crumbles


Soy Candle

Soy Candle by Lulu Candles

Lulu Candles | $14.95


Almond Blossom Candle

Almond Blossom Candle by Flatyz

Flatyz | $17.95


Work on Your Reading List

Bookworms can attest to the fact that sometimes the ultimate relaxing activity is simply to curl up on the couch with a good book. Nowadays, however, reading doesn't have to mean sitting down. Audiobooks and podcasts are great alternatives for people who want to keep their minds active as they clean or lounge around the house.

Kindle Unlimited – A subscription to Kindle Unlimited allows you unlimited access to over one million books on any device with a Kindle app, making it an ideal resource for scholars and book lovers alike.

Audible – Whether it's audiobooks or podcasts, signing up for an Audible membership will help you cruise through your reading list in no time at all. In addition to receiving one free audiobook a month, you'll get 30% off additional audiobooks and gain access to exclusive podcasts.

Woman Holding a Book and Mug

Photo: Stock Photos from Fotyma/Shutterstock


Learn a New Skill

For those with too much energy, channeling your passion into learning a new skill is the ideal way to spend free time. Choose something out of your comfort zone to broaden your horizons, or finally try your hand at a craft that's interested you.


Bread Baking Kit

Bread Making Kit by BOSA

BOSA | $36.99


Skillshare There are over 25,000 classes to join when you sign up for a membership to Skillshare. Graphic design, entrepreneurship, photography, and illustration are just some of the topics that you can select to begin learning something new.

CreativeBug When you sign up for a membership, you experience the joy of making with thousands of award-winning video classes taught by top designers and artists. You have access to unlimited classes with new classes released daily!


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