Adorable Black Cat Looks Like a Walking Shadow With Eyes

Black Cat Munji

Black cats get a bad rap, but there’s one dark-furred feline in Daejeon, South Korea, who’s showing how great they can be. Meet MeonJi, a 4-year-old Scottish fold cat who’s winning hearts across the Internet. His fur is so black, that he’s mastered the art of disguise. He’s able to blend into dark surroundings, making it so that all his owners see are his huge, bright eyes, seemingly floating in midair.

MeonJi’s mom, Kim Aerin, describes MeonJi (meaning “dust” in Korean) as “the blackest but brightest cat.” From hiding in his cat bed to appearing virtually invisible in the shadows, MeonJi might appear unassuming, but his kooky personality shines through every day. “I’m not going to lie, I really wasn't interested in black cats originally but as soon as I saw my cat, I completely fell in love with black cats,” reveals Aerin. “If you’d ask me now, I’d tell you they're the best!”

As of writing, MeonJi has over 163,000 Instagram followers, but this comes as no surprise. His adorable photos reveal his hilarious antics, from munching on salad leaves to hiding in the washing machine. “Now that I think about it, I’d say it's different every day,”  Aerin says of her cat’s character. “MeonJi can be a totally cute cat one day, and the next day he is either very sensitive or completely opposite—full-on feisty.”

As well as having a funny personality, MeonJi is of course, undoubtedly cute. With his huge eyes and tiny fangs, the adorably goofy black cat has even been compared to Toothless, the Night Fury dragon from the How To Train Your Dragon franchise. Just like the beloved cartoon dragon, MeonJi’s pupils dilate when he’s happy, which is pretty much all the time.

Check out photos of MeonJi below and follow him on Instagram for more cuteness.

This is MeonJi, a 4-year-old black cat from Daejeon, South Korea.

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

He can be feisty and playful…

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

Sweet and cuddly…

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

…and just plain weird.

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

His fur is so black, he sometimes looks like a shadow with floating eyes.

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

Keep on being you, MeonJi!

Black Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat MunjiBlack Cat Munji

The black cat has even been compared to Toothless, the Night Fury dragon from How To Train Your Dragon.

MeonJi : Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [The Dodo]

All images via MeonJi .

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