10 Best Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

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As creatives ourselves, we know that a sketchbook can mean the start of your next incredible project. Whether you use yours to develop ideas, jot down notes, or practice drawing, picking the right one is important.

We have rounded up 10 of our favorite and most unique sketchbooks and notebooks for designers. Some are included for their fine quality and customization options; others are included because they are just too cool to miss out on—like one you can microwave!

Scroll down to find your new favorite sketchbook.

Need the perfect notebook to jot down ideas or sketch out concepts? Here are the top 10 sketchbook brands for designers.



10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

Moleskine | $18.04

The classic Moleskine notebooks are known for their high quality. It is also easy to customize this notebook to exactly what you want, including for size, soft or hard cover, and paper styles ranging from plain, ruled, dotted, and grid.



10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

Muji | $15.49

Muji is known for its incredible stationery. They have a range of affordable and minimal notebooks that pair perfectly with the famous Muji pens.


Field Notes

10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

Field Notes | $14.95

Field Notes are perfect for travelers and adventures. They are great for art lovers as well since the brand is constantly coming up with new notebook styles. The National Parks series is currently our favorite.


Leuchtturm 1917

This brand is known for its high quality. Leuchtturm 1917 also has a wide range of notebook styles—not to mention the unique colors you won't find from other brands.


Rocketbook Wave

10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

Rocket Wave | $22.01

The Rocketbook Wave is one of our favorite tech notebooks. You can instantly get your sketches and notes into your cloud storage through your smartphone. You'll also never run out of pages since you can microwave this notebook and erase your work once its saved on the computer.


Grids & Guides

This sketchbook is great for engineers, architects, or anyone who has a serious love for neatness or axonometric drawings. Your work would definitely get more precise with these technical grids.


Magma Sketchbook

“Cheat sheets” are included in these high-quality sketchbooks. They are designed for a few different creative fields, including a version for architects, one for graphic designers, illustrators, and more.


UX/UI Sketchbook

This sketchbook will certainly save you some time if you are used to quickly mocking up iPhone-sized rectangles. Get your ideas down and iterate as many times as you want with this UX/UI sketchbook.



10 Best and Most Unique Sketchbook and Notebook Brands for Designers

Rhodia | $11.76

Rhodia's classic black and orange notepads are perfect for flipping back and forth between ideas and making big quick sketches. Rhodia's iconic pads come in a range of sizes and styles.



Whether you're already very serious about the organization or just trying to find a way to keep track of everything, the Evernote notebook is a great tool. Transfer thoughts and sketches quickly to your computer or smartphone and keep everything in one place through the Evernote app.


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