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Huggable Sloth Pool Float Lets You Lazily Float on Water This Summer

Sloth Pool Float by Swimways

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Now that it’s officially summer, there’s nothing better than chilling on the water with a pool float. From inflatable unicorns and flamingos to giant blow-up avocados and pineapples, there’s a huge variety of novelty loungers out there to choose from. For those of you that love to lazily drift along with the flow, this lovable sloth pool float might just be your new best friend.

Sloths are much-loved for their gentle nature and slow approach to life. The adorable mammals are also known to swim better than they walk, making them the perfect subject for a pool float. Designed by SwimWays, this oversized, inflatable sloth is not only ideal for leaning back on and letting the day melt away, but it also gives you a cozy hug thanks to its outstretched arms.

“This sweet, photogenic sloth is irresistible to all ages and is the perfect pool float for Instagram-worthy photos,” says SwimWays. “Wrap its arms around you as well for added stability in the water and comfort.” And when it’s time to hydrate, you don’t even need to leave the pool to get a drink. The sloth float also features a convenient cup-holder in its paw.

You can now buy the Huggables sloth pool float on SwimWays’ website.

This adorable sloth pool float by SwimWays is perfect for a cool dip, but it also gives you a hug.

Sloth Pool Float by SwimwaysSloth Pool Float by Swimways

There’s also a huggable panda bear pool float…

Sloth Pool Float by Swimways

…and a teddy bear!

Sloth Pool Float by SwimwaysSloth Pool Float by SwimwaysSwimWays: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
h/t: [Apartment Therapy]

All images via SwimWays.

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