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15+ Gifts for Teachers to Creatively Thank Your Favorite Inspiring Educator

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

If you have a love of learning, chances are that you have a teacher (or teachers) to thank for it. The often-unsung heroes of shaping today’s youth, educators are vital in children’s and young adults’ lives. So, why not show your appreciation with a gift? Whether you’re buying it for a special occasion—such as the aptly-named Teacher Appreciation Week—or as a thank you for a college recommendation, My Modern Met Store has a myriad of creative products an educator will love.

Some of our favorite teacher appreciation gifts are ideal for instructors of science. For educators of physics, the Albert Einstein action figure is the perfect addition to their desk. The five-inch vinyl toy comes equipped with his signature pipe as well as a technological component—by downloading the accompanying app, they’ll be able to visit Einstein’s lecture hall on their phone.

All teachers could use an extra cup of coffee or tea—especially art teachers, as they probably have an artistic practice outside of the classroom. In that case, the Brief History of Art mug offers a miniature art lesson printed on the mug that’s a welcome addition to their kitchen cabinet.

Is your English teacher a voracious reader? (Probably, since they are teaching the subject!) Delight them with some literature-inspired items like a Harry Potter-inspired bookmark or a classic To Kill a Mockingbird book fashioned as a stylish purse.

Scroll down for some of our favorite teacher appreciation gifts, and head to My Modern Met Store to check out the entire selection.

Want to tell your favorite educator how much they mean to you? Check out My Modern Met Store’s selection of teacher appreciation gift ideas!


To Kill a Mockingbird Purse


Modern Artist Socks Gift Set

Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Chattyfeet | $39.95


Rainbow Joes: Series 1 Figurines

Best Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Brogamats | $25


Big Wooden Cat Pile

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Comma | $36


Brief History of Art Mug


Artists and Their Cats Book


Frida Kahlo Kokeshi Doll


Magician Bookmark


This Book is a Planetarium Book


Albert Einstein Action Figure


Book & Hero Superhero Bookend 

Good Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Artori Design | $27.50


Starry Night Candle

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Flatyz | $17.95


Multicolor Pencils: Pack of 5 Rainbow Pencils


Bob Ross Enamel Pin Set


Solar System Bib Necklace


Moon Puzzle


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