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These Rainbow Accessories Will Add a Creative Way to Brighten Up Your Outfits

Rainbow Accessories by Yellow Owl Workshop

Come rain or shine, you can always count on a pop of color to brighten up an outfit. With so many tones to choose from, however, you may feel overwhelmed with options—and that’s where Yellow Owl Workshop comes in. Based in colorful San Francisco, this studio has crafted a collection of rainbow accessories that can easily elevate any ensemble.

Yellow Owl Workshop’s collection of colorful statement pieces puts a contemporary spin on conventional jewelry. With cloisonné colors that pop from their 22-karat gilded frames and backings, they perfectly capture the “sophisticated yet playful aesthetic” that the studio has come to be known for.

While the studio’s selection of rainbow accessories is unified by this aesthetic, they still offer a diverse selection of subject matter. A color wheel necklace and magnetic lapel pin, for example, are perfect for those who like to wear their art on their sleeve (or around their neck), while a simple rainbow pendant is ideal for those who simply want to add an arc of color to their life. In any case, each radiant piece will let your stylish side shine through!

You can find this trio of rainbow accessories in My Modern Met Store.

Want to brighten up your wardrobe? Add a drop of color to your outfits with these rainbow accessories by Yellow Owl Workshop!


Color Wheel Necklace

Color Wheel Necklace


Rainbow Necklace

Rainbow NecklaceRainbow Necklace


Color Wheel Pin

Color Wheel PinColor Wheel Pin


Find them in My Modern Met Store!


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