10-Year-Old Boy Gets Colorblind Glasses for His Birthday and Has the Most Wholesome Reaction

10-Year-Old Boy Gets Colorblind Glasses for His Birthday and Has the Most Wholesome Reaction

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

Kids tend to have the best reactions to situations. They haven’t developed a filter or poker face the way most adults have. This can mean they contort their faces at the taste of a tart lemon, get visibly angry at their parents for eating their Halloween candy, or, in the case of 10-year-old Jude, show unbridled appreciation for a gift they’ve always wanted. So, what did Jude get? For his birthday, he was gifted something he not only really wanted, but also something that will vastly improve his quality of life: colorblind glasses. The whole sequence of him opening his present, thanking his parents as his voice breaks, and trying the glasses on was captured on video by his dad, and the footage has melted the hearts of those who have watched it.

Posted to Reddit by Jude's dad, user Raising_Danger, the video shows the kid being asked to look for his present among the balloons on the floor. He then proceeds to unwrap and open the box, stopping to read a message printed on the lid. As he realizes what it holds, his excitement grows, and he puts a hand to his face when he finally holds the glasses. Overcome with emotion, he tearfully hugs his mom—who is sporting different colored nail polish on each nail—and thanks her.

Jude is then encouraged to try on the glasses and take a look at the colorful balloons on the floor. In the background, his 13-year-old brother is visibly moved by what's unfolding before him. As Jude looks around at all the brand new colors, he continues to cry and says, “Thank you so much.” He hugs his mother once again and thanks her. Jude then gets a hug from his father, who tells him, “Happy Birthday, Jude.”

The video has sparked a myriad of uplifting comments. “What a sweet, sweet kid,” wrote one user. “I love how important it was to him to thank you first, even though he knew what was in store. I’m excited for him and all the new discoveries he’s about to make!” Another added, “That is a kid who truly sees the value in those glasses. You could see and hear how grateful he is. I’m so happy to have seen this today.”

Some colorblind Redditors also took the time to explain that these glasses do not fix the vision per se, nor do they give the ability to see colors in the ways normal vision works. “It filters certain colors in a way that gives different colors more contrast, which they might normally perceive as being too close to identify any difference,” explains QuantumModulus. More so, they seem to have a different effect on different people—doing wonders for some, changing nothing for others—as the type of colorblindness each user experiences also comes into play.

Nevertheless, the video highlights the excitement at finally being able to see the beauty of the world at its fullest. Like one Redditor wrote, “I couldn't imagine being 10 and not seeing colors properly then one day boom this is the way the world looks to everyone else.”

Redditor Raising_Danger shared a video of his son, Jude, getting colorblind glasses for his birthday and having the most heartwarming reaction.

10-Year-Old Boy Gets Colorblind Glasses for His Birthday and Has the Most Wholesome Reaction

Photo: Screenshot from Reddit

Watch as Jude excitedly opens his present and emotionally experiences the world for the first time with colorblind glasses.

h/t: [Reddit]

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