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15+ Artistic Cake Decorating Ideas & Essential Supplies to Start Decorating Today

Cake Decorating

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Cake decorating is an art form that combines tasty desserts with a visually pleasing aesthetic. In fact, the best cake decorators are experts at using buttercream, fondant, gum paste, and much more to conjure up inspiring cakes that look as good as they taste. Whether creating unique wedding cakes or taking inspiration from art and architecture, many decorators are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with cake.

It’s thought that cake decorating originated in 19th century France, when bakers realized they could charge more money if their cakes were embellished. They were helped by technology, as temperature-controlled ovens and the production of baking powder in the 1840s made it much easier to bake a great cake. Now, with so many materials to choose from, bakers can take inspiration from virtually anything and make it come to life.

In fact, the best cakes tell a story, whether it’s capturing the memories of a newly married couple or simply embodying the spirit of a particular individual. If you’re looking for some cake decorating ideas, take a look at these incredibly artistic cakes and then check out our list of cake decorating supplies to get you started.

Get inspired by the artistry of these incredible cake designs.


Unique Wedding Cakes


Cakes Inspired by Nature


Cakes Inspired by Art and Architecture


Sweet Cakes for Kids


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