Hungry Pup on a Train Is Hilariously Desperate To Get His Human’s Snack

What would you do if you saw this sweet face peering back at you on the train? For pawrent Ursula Aitchison, her pup Huxley’s desperation was not enough for her to give up her tasty snack, but it resulted in some adorably hilarious images.

Aitchison recently shared photos of the Golden Retriever realizing that his mom was rudely refraining from sharing her Walker's brand prawn cocktail-flavored chips—and trying to do something about it. In an image carousel on Instagram, the first photo shows him innocently peering through the narrow view between the train seats. Then, Huxley uses an innocuous technique: just barely putting his paw through the opening. The following photos showcase a more distraught side, with the pooch shoving his muzzle in the gap, using all his might to get as close as he can. He tries angling his snout closer, then he uses his tongue. Once that proves fruitless, the determined pup bares his teeth and continues to push forward.

This mighty battle of canine versus upholstered seating sadly did not seem to end with a prize of crispy potato goodness, but it did make thousands online smile. Aitchison’s Instagram post has over 10K likes, and seemingly endless comments supporting the pup’s attempts to get closer.

Huxley’s antics recently went viral again on Twitter when four of the stills were posted with the caption, “A story about crisps in 4 parts.” Walker’s crisps ambassador, and former professional footballer, Gary Lineker even re-shared it. The replies are filled with support for the dog’s masterful attempts. Some are hilariously equating Huxley’s squishy, yet vicious face to the “Here’s Johnny” scene in The Shining, and some are sharing their own skulking pooches.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Aitchison’s puppy has gotten such adoration and attention online. Back in 2019, a very similar situation happened on Huxley’s first flight from London to Ibiza. Huxley was seated next to her, until “he got in a mood which he often does when I don’t pay him enough attention,” Aitchison said. He then opted to trade his spot for the empty seat next to a nice man in the row in front of them.

Soon though, she said, “he quickly changed his tune when he heard me eating my crisps.” The images she captured garnered a lot of attention on both Instagram and Facebook. It seems this golden has had a weak spot for snacks for years now, and the pattern will continue as long as there are moments of boredom on transportation.

Scroll below to see all of the photos, and be sure to also keep up with Huxley and meet his brother Hugo on Instagram here.

On a train ride with her dog Huxley, Ursula Aitchison was enjoying some crisps. Huxley quickly took notice. His desperation was not enough to give up her tasty snack, but it did result in hilarity.

Aitchison's photos went viral on Instagram and did so again on Twitter.

The replies are filled with support for the puppy’s valiant efforts…

…as well as comparisons to Jack in The Shining.

Hilariously, people even have their own skulking pooches.

Unsurprisingly, it seems this is a pattern for Huxley. A similar battle between canine and transportation seating occurred in 2019 on a flight. Aitchison was able to capture the moment then, as well.

It’s no doubt that Huxley’s squishy face is entertaining to many, from passengers on that train to thousands online throughout the years.

Hugo and Ursula: Instagram
h/t: [DailyMail]

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