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Enamel Pins Reimagine Pioneering Modern and Contemporary Artists as Cool Cats

Cat Artist Pins

It’s no secret that art and cats make a purr-fect pair. While plenty of today’s top artists playfully incorporate cats into their work, there’s one feline fanatic who seems to be leading the pack: Niaski. The British designer has blended her two passions—art history and her own pets—to craft a collection of artist cat pins fit for any creative cat lover.

These eccentric enamel pins feature some of modern and contemporary art’s most celebrated pioneers—but with a punny twist. Abstract artist Piet Mondrian, for example, becomes “Meowdrian,” a simplified black cat perched among blocks of bold color. Similarly, Surrealist master Salvador Dalí adds some whiskers to his iconic mustache to transform into “Catli.” And, finally, popularizer of the polka dot Yayoi Kusama is “Catsama,” a spotted kitty cloaked in red.

This selection of pins makes up just a handful of Niaski’s cat-centric collection. Other avant-garde artists who have been given the kitten treatment include Frida Kahlo (“Frida Catlo”), Basquiat (“Basquicat”), Vincent van Gogh (“Vincat van Gogh”) and more. Want to scope out the selection? Scurry on over to the My Modern Met Store!

These artist cat pins by Niaski turn famous artists into cool cats.



Cat Artist PinsCat Artist PinsCat Artist Pins


“Salvador Catli”

Cat Artist PinsCat Artist PinsEnamel Cat Pins


“Yayoi Catsama”

Enamel Cat PinsEnamel Cat PinsEnamel Cat Pins


Look up to scratch when you wear these pins, available in My Modern Met Store!


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