Harry Potter Memo Pad Reveals Hogwarts Castle as You Tear Away Notes

Harry Potter Memo Pad

Harry Potter fans know that Hogwarts Castle appears as a ruined building to muggle eyes. Muggle or wizard, everyone can now gaze upon the magnificent castle with this Omoshiroi Block memo pad by the Japanese company Triad. As each page is used and ripped away, Hogwarts Castle begins to appear along the spine of the pad. When all the pages are finally gone, a replica of the wizarding school is ready for display on a desk or shelf.

The ingenious design begins as a thick pad of paper. In varying colors, some of the pages have pop-up designs which Harry Potter fans will immediately recognize—such as Harry's broomstick. Each sheet is perforated strategically around the outlines of the 3D castle. Keep the pad on your desk and write memos to coworkers or reminders to yourself. As the sheets are used and removed, the tips of the turrets begin to appear. Green trees emerge, and eventually the full castle is exposed.

The Omoshiroi Blocks are both visually exciting and prime examples of functional design, but they're also aptly named. Omoshiroi means interesting, funny, and amusing in Japanese, depending on the use and inflection. Fittingly, the beautiful Omoshiroi Blocks make lovely gifts to brighten anyone's day. The Hogwarts Castle memo pad is also one of many other Omoshiroi Blocks available. Triad has various block pads that reveal beautiful structures such as the Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto and the Tokyo Tower, which make especially perfect gifts for architecture buffs. These block scenes of iconic buildings, traditional cherry blossoms, and swimming koi can also add a peaceful touch to any office décor.

The Harry Potter memo pad is currently available to purchase on Fox Store for the magical fan in your life.

This cool Harry Potter Omoshiroi Block memo pad by Triad reveals the Hogwarts Castle as you tear away each page.

Harry Potter Block Memo Pad

Each page is perforated to tear around the outlines of the castle.

Triad Omoshiroi Harry Potter Block Memo

Some pages of the pad have Harry Potter designs, like Harry's signature glasses.

Hogwarts Castle

Once you have used up all the pages, you will have an impressive piece of memorabilia.

Completed Harry Potter Block

Designs Harry Potter Block Memo Pad

Harry Potter Memo Pad

Harry Potter fans will adore this functional and impressive gift, especially as many people still work from home.

Triad Harry Potter Block Memo Pad Set

Other Omoshiroi Block memo pads are also available with cool different architectural reveals.

Architecture 3D Memo Pad

Architecture 3D Memo Pads

See the Harry Potter pad transform in this video.

Triad: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Store
h/t: [Bored Panda]

All images via Fox Store and Triad.

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