Fantasy-Inspired Bookshelf Dioramas Add Miniature Magic to Your Shelves

Bookshelf Diorama

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For the imaginative reader, books have the power to transport them into a whole other world. Whether they’re fans of Jane Austen or they lean more toward fantasy favorites like Harry Potter, each story is a portal to a new adventure. Using a wide range of materials, the artisans of La Casa Delle Tre Befane (aka Le 3 Befane) bring these extraordinary worlds to life in 3D. They create hand-crafted bookshelf dioramas that are born from their tremendous love for literature. The pieces are sure to captivate bookworms and bibliophiles alike.

“Many years ago I was struck by the idea when I saw a diorama depicting a Japanese street,” artisan Angela Martinetti tells My Modern Met. “It immediately occurred to me to make these objects inspired by my passion for fantasy books, and so my dioramas were born. I am an architect, and I have a small art workshop. So, I design my projects using CAD software, then laser-cut, color, and assemble them by hand.”

The word befane is the Italian word for witches, and the team at Le 3 Befane is made up of several talented witches, warlocks, and sorcerers. Martinetti is known as Befana Anziana (Old Witch) and is joined by several accomplices, each very talented in their own right. There’s Befana Brizzolata (Grizzled Witch), Befana Antica (Ancient Witch), Befana Novella (New Witch), Apprendista Stregone (Sorcerer’s Apprentice), and their founder who is fondly named Mr. Olivander. But don’t worry, they only use their powers for good by bringing a little more magic to your bookshelf decor.

“I am an Italian artisan,” Martinetti continues, “one of the very few and rare ones who have tried to survive the rise of industrial production. I think it has been so successful because each product is made with passion and attention to detail, and because I also offer customized products. I really appreciate it when a customer understands how much work is behind each diorama!”

To see more work from Le 3 Befane, visit their website or follow them on Instagram. Their incredible bookshelf dioramas are available for purchase on Etsy.

The Italian artisans of Le 3 Befane make hand-crafted bookshelf dioramas inspired by fantasy literature.

Bookshelf Decor by Le 3 Befane

Bookshelf Diorama Bookshelf Diorama

Bookshelf Diorama by Befana Anziana

Bookshelf Decor by Le 3 Befane

Each one is meticulously hand-crafted with minute attention to detail.

Bookshelf Decor by Le 3 Befane

Bookshelf Decor by Le 3 Befane

Bookshelf Decor by Le 3 Befane

No matter what your favorite book is, these masterpieces are sure to spice up your bookshelf decor!

Bookshelf Diorama by Befana Anziana

Bookshelf Diorama by Befana Anziana

Bookshelf Diorama by Befana Anziana

Bookshelf Diorama Bookshelf Diorama Bookshelf Diorama Bookshelf Diorama

Le 3 Befane: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook | Etsy

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Le 3 Befane.

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