13 Fun, Elegant, and Artsy Hanukkah Menorahs for the Festival of Lights

Modern Artsy Hanukkah Menorahs

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Hanukkah begins next week; do you have your menorah ready? If not—or if you are feeling ready for a new design—check out our curated list of cool, artsy menorahs that will be unique conversation pieces during the Festival of Lights.

A menorah has a branch for each night of Hanukkah (or Chanukah), with a special additional candle known as a shamash for lighting the others. Over eight nights, dreidels spin, songs are sung, and latkes are eaten. This eight-day festival remembers an important moment in Jewish history: the rededication of the Second Temple.

Around 200 BCE, Judea (the Land of Israel) was conquered by Seleucid kings who worshipped Greek gods. Their religious tolerance towards the Jews ended in 168 BCE, when the king ordered his soldiers to attack the Jewish citizens of Jerusalem. Many died and the Second Temple was desecrated by the troops. The Jews then began to rebel against the Seleucid ruler. With the leadership of Judah Maccabee, the eponymous Maccabees took control of the city. The Second Temple was purified and rebuilt; part of the rededication was the lighting of a golden seven-branch candelabra or menorah. The Talmud recounts how there was only enough oil to burn the candles for one night, yet by a miracle the oil lasted for eight days. Every year, Jews around the world celebrate this miracle and the rededication of the Second Temple by lighting eight candles over eight nights, beginning on the 25th of the Hebrew calendar month of Kislev.

In 2020, this beautiful holiday begins on the evening of December 10 (Gregorian calendar). If you are looking for a first menorah, a new menorah, or just another beautiful piece to add to your holiday collection, scroll down to find some of our favorites.


Artsy, Fun, and Elegant Menorahs


Neon Lights Menorah

This neon acrylic and brass Tangram Hanukkah menorah is perfect for creatives who want to mix up the shape of their menorah every night as they light the candles. The nine pieces are like the traditional nine branches of a menorah, with the shamash sitting slightly higher than the other candles.


Colorful Glass Menorah

This fused-glass menorah is elegant and colorful. These one-of-a-kind pieces have multiple designs available from Homeforglasslovers, and come with included candles. Your menorah will be as unique as you are.


Gravity-Defying Arches Menorah

Wooden Menorah

GioGioDesign | $85.75

Made from bamboo and linseed oil, this arched wooden menorah is eco-friendly. It stands slotted together but can be stored flat. There are several designs available from GioGioDesigns.


Vintage Mid-Century Glam Menorah

Vintage Mid-Century Modern Art Menorah

DDVhome | $240

This plaster and wood vintage menorah doubles as fine art. A fine example of brutalism, it was designed by Klara Sever and made in 1975. Add vintage flair to your celebrations with this piece of artistic history.


Geometric and Reversible Menorah

Geometric and Reversible Menorah Festival of Lights

NadavArt | $112.50

This modern, geometric menorah is perfect for travelers and minimalists. On one side, the disks form a line of eight candles with a separate shamash. On the other side, they can be used all year round as candleholders (maybe for Shabbat). When not in use, the two disks fit neatly together.


Abstract Menorah

Dreidel Abstract

JUDATLV | $112.09

These abstract menorahs are made to resemble a stretched dreidel. Created by designer Kerem Kaminski, these steel menorahs come in different sizes, with the choice of white and black. On her Etsy you will also find gorgeous leather dreidels.


Woodcraft and Light Menorah

This charming wooden menorah of simple blocks comes painted or with a natural wood stain. Arrange the candles how you like, in a traditional line or curved elegantly.


Industrial Copper Menorah

If you have a lot of space and are looking for a statement menorah, this copper piping example is perfect. This industrial-chic piece takes full-sized candles and will match even the most modern decor.


Handmade Wooden Menorah

Handmade Wood Menorah

Puzzleson | $60

This geometric wooden menorah is simple and natural yet at home in a modern setting. The easy-to-clean metal candleholders lift out for wax removal when needed. There are also handmade puzzle piece designs available.


Modern Brass Menorah

This lead-free brass hexagonal prism will reflect the light of the candles all over the room for a magical glow. The six sides of the prism reflect the six-pointed Star of David.


Confetti-like Shapes Menorah

Fused Glass Colorful Judaica

ArcLightGlass | $140.50

Celebrate Hanukkah with this festive glass menorah full of confetti shapes and candy colors. It is sure to bring joy over all eight nights.


Glazed, Ceramic, Versatile Menorah

Glazed Ceramic Menorah Cubes

NaamasArt | $48

These menorah squares are versatile, light, and will look good anywhere. In white clay with blue-green glaze, the candles stick best with a little melted wax underneath to cement them in place.


Golden Dinosaur Menorah

This legendary dinosaur menorah has been an internet sensation for a reason. Its surprising form and festive gold are perfect for a unique family celebration. While not a toy, it is bound to please the youngest members of the family as they gaze upon the Hanukkah candles.


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