Photographer Navid Baraty on His Wide Range of Space-Inspired Work [Podcast]

Photographer Navid Baraty and His Wide Range of Space-Inspired Work [Podcast]

From exotic landscapes to out-of-this-world food art, photographer Navid Baraty’s portfolio features a wide range of subjects. On this week’s episode of My Modern Met's Top Artist Podcast, we talk about his love of outer space and how pursuing this interest helped further his career. One of Baraty’s most memorable features of astrophotography is his incredible portrait of a solar eclipse. He tells us about the careful planning and settings he has learned through trial and error and the careful combination of exposures to achieve the perfect shot.

By using everyday ingredients and a photo scanner, Baraty also found a way to create fictional space scenes in his kitchen. He recreated the image of a planet (seen above) from a glass filled with bourbon, water, soy sauce, coconut milk and food colors. The rest of the scene is made by sprinkling curry powder, cinnamon, salt, and flour. Baraty walks us through his creative process for this project and how it snowballed into a chance to teach children and lecture on his work.

Lastly, we hear about Baraty’s incredibly intricate and vibrant cross-stitching series that features all eight planets in our solar system plus Pluto. Whether you love Navid Baraty’s work or you are just a big space fan, you don’t want to miss this great talk about photography, creativity, and a love of outer space.

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Listen to our chat with Navid Baraty as he tells us about how his love for outer space turned into incredible new outlets for creativity.

Photographer Navid Baraty and His Wide Range of Space-Inspired Work [Podcast]

Photographer Navid Baraty and His Wide Range of Space-Inspired Work [Podcast]

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